Southern Athletics League – Yeovil – Sat 04 Jul 2015

It was always going to be a tough call, getting a full team down to Yeovil for the penultimate Southern Athletics League match, so well done to the fifteen athletes who made the trip. The four women did especially well, notching up 42 points between them.

Most of the women’s points came in the field, where throws specialists Debbie McCaw and Tracey Gould won the A and B string hammer, shot and discus events, as well as scoring valuable points in the javelin. Debbie’s hammer throw was her best since 2011, and Tracey’s shot putt was close to her best. Roisin Lynch came second in the high jump and the triple jump. Eldika Edwards was the only female representative on the track but she scored maximum points, winning the 100m on her return from a hamstring injury.

The men managed to cover most of the events, but it was a busy day for some, especially Team Captain Bob Densley, who did service in the long jump, triple jump, pole vault, shot putt, discus, hammer and javelin. (Is it physically possible to be in so many places at once?!) Even coach Pat Cornell made a rare return to competition, scoring points in the triple jump and hammer throw. On the track, Chris Hepworth and Sam Ashcroft covered the A and B strings of the 1500m and 3000m respectively. They each won the 3000m event. Chris took second in the 1500m and Sam won the B string. D’yon Christopher won the B string 100m, while Luke Nicholas did a season’s best in the 400m hurdles. Luke also managed a personal best in the shot.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, we finished last, so let’s finish the League with a bumper turnout at the last match. It’s at Perivale on August 15th, so no excuses!

ESM Results summary


100m: A: Reuben Fleary (U20) 11.50; B: 1 D’Yon Christopher (U20) 11.74; 200m: A: 4 Reuben Fleary (U20) 23.86; 2 Kamau Mahammad (U17) 25.20; 400m: A: 4 Angelo John (M40) 60.64; B: 4 Phil York (M50) 1:41.00; 800m: A: 3 Angelo John (M40) 2:16.36; B: 3 Akira Anzai-Jackson 2:26.05; 1500m: A: 2 Chris Hepworth 4:22.07; B: 1 Sam Ashcroft 4:22.97; 3000m: A: 1 Chris Hepworth 9:14.33; B: 1 Sam Ashcroft 9:16.32; 400mH: A: 4 Luke Nicholas 1:05.25; B: 4 Phil York (M50) 1:36.46; 3000mSC: 2 Phil York (M45) 11:04.62; B: 3 Luke Nicholas 14:04.17; HJ: A: 4 Chris Hepworth 1.50; B: 3 Angelo John (M40) 1.40; PV: A: 4 Luke Nicholas 1.90; B: 4 Bob Densley (M60) 1.20; LJ: A: 4 Kamau Mahammad (U17) 3.70; B: 4 Bob Densley (M60) 2.57; TJ: A: 4 Bob Densley (M60) 5.99; B: 4 Pat Cornell (M60) 5.43; SP: A: 4 Luke Nicholas 7.81; B: 3 Bob Densley (M60) 6.86; DT: A: 4 Angelo John (M40) 17.72; B: 4 Bob Densley (M60) 15.85; HT: A: 4 Bob Densley (M60) 17.65; B: 4 Pat Cornell (M60) 12.22; JT: A: 4 Angelo John (M40) 27.92; B: 4 Bob Densley (M60) 19.04


100m: 1 Eldika Edwards (U20) 12.57; HJ: 2 Roisin Lynch (U17) 1.40; TJ: 2 Roisin Lynch (U17) 8.97; SP: A: 1 Debbie McCaw (W35) 10.02; B: 1 Tracey Gould (W35) 7.81; DT: 1 Debbie McCaw (W35) 31:14; B: 1 Tracey Gould (W35) 22:28; HT: 1 Debbie McCaw (W35) 47.39; B: 1 Tracey Gould (W35) 31.74; JT: 3 Debbie McCaw (W35) 23.36; B: 2 Tracey Gould (W35) 18.01

Full results here