Training Principles

ESM will endeavour to offer coaching for athletes of all abilities across all athletics disciplines that…

is Athlete Centred

  • Focussed on the needs of the athletes rather than those of the coach
  • Encourages the athlete to take an age appropriate amount of responsibility for their own training and competing plan

is Athlete Safe

  • All coaching of children will be carried out in accordance with ESM’s Child Protection Policy which is available for any coach, athlete or parent to read in the clubhouse
    • All coaches, assistant coaches and others regularly in contact with young athletes will be checked with the CRB
  • Coaches are responsible for health & safety in their sessions and will
    • Encourage athletes to take responsibility for their own health and safety and that of others
    • Be aware of and liaise with other groups using the facility at the same time
    • Ensure each session is planned and carried out safely including equipment/facilities condition and use

provides Opportunities to Learn athletics disciplines

  • Athletes will be given the opportunities both to strive for excellence in their chosen range of events and to discover other athletic events which they might enjoy and be suited to.
  • For all athletes, but especially younger athletes, a balance of fun and achievement will always be sought

encourages a Positive Relationship with Active Ealing

  • Coaches will take responsibility for ensuring a positive relationship with Active Ealing when using their facilities
    • Ensuring athletes are polite to track staff and pay track fees when using the track
    • Ensuring equipment is returned to its proper place in a good state once used
  • Any athlete who attends either Perivale Panthers club will be treated as a club member with full access to coaching and competition. In return Active Ealing will point out club competition for this age group and encourage athletes to volunteer for club teams.
  • For under 11 athletes as a general rule the club will seek to encourage them to attend Perivale Panthers until such time as they are ready for more specialised coaching.