Young Athlete Club Championship 2012-2013 – Sat 09 Feb 2013

Each year we have a club championship for our young athletes. This year, we used the finishing positions of athletes in the five races in the Metropolitan League and North West London League to determine who won. The first ESM athlete in each race scored 20 points, the second scored 19, and so on. The total for each athlete was their five best scores, so a maximum of 100 points. NB: U11 athletes only competed in the NWLL races.

This year’s awards were made after the last race at Wormwood Scrubs on 9th February, and the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) for boys and girls in each age group were as follows:


In the U11 group, Feia Starkey came 1st, with Lucy O’Brien 2nd and Rosie Cox 3rd.
This was a close contest between Feia and Lucy, both running four out of the five NWLL races. Feia was 1st ESM athlete in each of her races.

In the U13 group (2nd largest only to the U13 boys),  Roisin Lynch came 1st, Nicola Ravenhill 2nd and Maryam Hussain 3rd. Again it was a close battle between Roisin and Nicola, both ending up on 99 points, with 1st place going to Roisin as she had more 2nd places.

In the U15 group, Courtney Marshall was 1st, Jennie Connelly 2nd and Millie Atherton 3rd. Courtney was the clear winner, coming 1st (ESM runner) in 8 out of 10 races. The battle for 2nd between Jennie and Millie was close, each ran 6 races with Jennie finishing one point ahead of Millie.

In the U17 women group, Olivia Will was 1st, with sister Katrina 2nd and Josie Elliott 3rd. Olivia was a clear 1st, coming 1st (ESM athlete) in 8 out of the 10 races she ran, only losing 2 of these to Katrina. Josie also put in a stirling performance, running all 10.


In the U11 boys, the smallest group, Kirk Lebdiri was 1st, Reuben Gifford 2nd and Robbie Connelly 3rd. Kirk was the clear winner running 3 out of 5 races.

In the U13 boys, the largest group, John Fielding came 1st, George Kerry 2nd and Bradley Payne 3rd. This was a fairly close contest between John and George, both running in 9 out of the 10 races, although John came 1st in 8 of these. George managed 2 1st places, in one race beating John.

In the U15 boys, Rashid Riyad came 1st, with Conor McCarthy 2nd and Karolis Narvilas
3rd. Rashid was a clear 1st, coming 1st in 3 out of 7 races, Conor was fairly close 2nd by competing in 9 out of 10 races and coming 2nd in 3 races. Karolis ran 5 races and came 3rd, ahead of Mukhtar Farah (who ran only 4 races, coming 1st in each).

In the U17 men, the 2nd smallest group only to the U11 boys, Sam Shindler-Glass was 1st,
Duncan Pinder 2nd and Malik Ouzia 3rd. The contest for 1st and 2nd was close, with Sam coming 1st in the 3 races he ran, to fend off Duncan by just 2 points and between Malik and Zephon Allen, both running 2 races, with Malik winning by 1 point.

The results are here: ya x.c champs boys-girls 2012-3 post finsbury a w97

Thanks to Jean King for the photos.