YDL Upper – Portsmouth – Sat 16 May 2015

With exam season under way, it was a slightly depleted squad of U20/U17 athletes who travelled to Portsmouth for the second match of the Youth Development League on Saturday. However, we won eight events, and witnessed a good crop of PBs. The athletes did their best to maximise points by competing in events outside their comfort zone, and we once again finished fourth overall, some 30 points behind Hillingdon.In the U20 men’s events, Mukhtar Farah (pictured) showed further progress with another significant PB in winning the 1500m, and Charlie Sillett won the 800m, while D’yon Christopher achieved a PB in the 100m.

For the U17s, there were PBs in the 100m for both Phoenix Lyon and Desmond Ofasi. Desmond won the 200m A race in his debut at this distance. Kamau Muhammed improved on his 200m time in the B race and cut his teeth over 100m, competing in the U20 B race.

In the U17 women’s events, Amber Henry won the 100m B with a PB, and also gained a PB in the 200m. Laura Stewart won the 300m hurdles and came second in the 300m flat, with a PB in both cases. Nicola Ravenhill won the 800m with a personal best time, and Roisin Lynch equalled her PB in the long jump.

Well done all, and thanks to those parents who made a helpful contribution as judges.

Match scores (provisional): 1 Winchester 593; 2 Bournemouth, Poole & NFJ 575; 3 Hillingdon 342; 4 ESM 309; 5 Havant & Isle of Wight 247; 6 Chichester 160; 7 St Mary’s Richmond 97; 8 Team Hounslow 0

ESM Results summary

U20 Men

100m: A: 4 D’yon Christopher 11.4; B: 3 Kamau Muhammed (U17) 12.1; 400m: A: 3 D’yon Christopher 53.5; 800m: A: 1 Charles Sillett 2.05.9; 1500m: A: 1 Mukhtar Farah 4:08.8; 4 x 100m: 3 Kamau Mohammed, John Fielding, Desmond Ofasi, D’yon Christopher 47.7; 4 x 400m:2 ESM 4:02.3; LJ: A: 4 Kamau Muhammed 4.25; SP: 4 Charles Sillett 7.06; DT: A: 4 Mukhtar Farah 13.16; B: 3 Charles Sillett 11.99

U17 Men

100m: A: 3 Phoenix Lyon 11.4; B: 1 Desmond Ofasi 11.5; 200m: A: 1 Desmond Ofasi 23.6; B: 2 Kamau Muhammed 24.5; 800m: A: 2 John Fielding 2:11.0; B: 1 Luke Miller 2.24.1; 1500m: A: 3 Oliver Way 4.31.0; B: 1 John Fielding 4.34.8; 400mH: A: 4 Luke Adar 73.5; LJ: 5 Luke Adar 3.58; DT: 5 Luke Miller 24.62; JT: 3 Luke Miller 43.75

U20 Women

LJ: A: 4 Besirat Tesfu 4.59; TJ: 2 Besirat Tesfu 10.45;

U17 Women

100m: A: 3 Laura Davies 13.1; B: 1 Amber Henry 13.6; 200m: A: 4 Amber Henry 28.4; 300m: A: 2 Laura Stewart 45.7; 800m: A: 1 Nicola Ravenhill 2.28.6; 1500m: 5 Roisin Lynch 5:40.3; 300mH: A: 1 Laura Stewart 50.5; 4 x 100m: 3 Laura Davies, Amber Henry, Laura Stewart, Nicola Ravenhill 55.2; HJ: 2 Roisin Lynch 1.35; TJ: 2 Roisin Lynch 9.36; SP: 3 Zoya Styles 8.43; DT: 6 Laura Stewart 10.89; HT: 2 Zoya Styles 21.42

Full results here