YDL (Upper) – Perivale – Sat 26 Jul 2015

Conditions were chilly and breezy and our U20/U17 squad were faced with almost unrelenting rain at the final match of the Youth Development League at Perivale last Saturday. PBs were few and far between, and home advantage was of little avail. The turnout was a little sparse, but they won over half the events contested, including three relays.

For the U20 men, there were victories for Emmanuel Surpong in the 100m B string and Rowan Board in the 400m. Charlie Sillett and Raunak Mainali won the 800m A and B respectively, with Raunak achieving a PB. Aydarus Ibrahim made his debut in the 1500m.

Under 17s Phoenix Lyon and Kamau Muhammad made a winning combination in the 100m, and Kamau went on to win the 200m B. Both Kamau’s sprints were completed in PB time. Reef Hook won the 400m, and the track events were rounded off nicely with a win for Revalda Hoyte, Reef, Kamau and Phoenix in the 4x100m relay. Despite the conditions, it was one of the best sprint relay times by the club’s U17 men for some years. There were also some good points scored in the field with Dante Blackwood winning both the horizontal jumps and Karolis Narvilas winning the hammer.

There were no Under 20 women in the squad, but Laura Stewart made her debut in the 400m.

In the U17 women’s events, Cameron Thomas won the 300m with a personal best time, while sprinter Amber Henry won the B strong in her debut at this distance. The girls won both their relays. There was no opposition in the 4x300m, but they beat five other teams in the sprint relay, including two from the Under 20 age group, Laura Davies storming ahead to win on the last leg.

The club finished fourth overall.

It was not a pleasant day for the officials either, so many thanks to all of them for the many hours spent out in the rain.

ESM results summary
Under 20 men:

100m: A: 2 D’yon Christopher 11.7, B: 1 Emmanuel Surpong; 200m: A: 3 Reuben Fleary 23.9, B: 2 Emmanuel Surpong 25.1; 400m: 1 Rowan Board 53.8; 800m: A: 1 Charlie Sillett 2:02.4, B: 1 Raunak Mainali 2:14.9; 1500m: 3: Aydarus Ibrahim 5:27.3

Under 17 men:                                                                 

100m: A: 1 Phoenix Lyon 11.4, B: 1 Kamau Muhammed 11.8; 200m: A: 3 Ravalda Hoyte 24.1, B: 1 Kamau Muhammed 24.4; 400m: 1 Reef Hook 53.7; 1500m: 2 George Kerry 4:44.7; 4x100m: 1 ESM (Revalda Hoyte, Reef Hook, Kamau Muhammed, Phoenix Lyon) 45.6; LJ: 1 Dante Blackwood 5.26; TJ: 1 Dante Blackwood 11.59; HT: 1 Karolis Narvilas 40.05

Under 20 women:                                                          

400m: A: 2 Laura Stewart (U17) 65.5

Under 17 women:                                          

100m: 2 Laura Davies 13.4; 200m: 3 Laura Davies 29.5; 300m: A: 1 Cameron Thomas 45.4, B: 1: Amber Henry 47.7; 800m: 1 Nicola Ravenhill 2:25.5; 1500m: 3 Roisin Lynch 6:30.4; 300mH: 1 Laura Stewart 50.6; 4x100m: 1 ESM (Nicola Ravenhill, Amber Henry, Laura StewartLaura Davies) 55.3; 4x300m: 1 ESM (Laura Stewart, , Roisin Lynch, Nicola Ravenhill, Cameron Thomas) 3:14.4; HJ: 2 Roisin Lynch 1.30; TJ: 3 Roisin Lynch 8.33; SP: 3 Zoya Styles 8.39; HT: 4 Zoya Styles 16.00

Full results here.