Southern Athletics League – Perivale – Sat 15 Aug 2015

We ended the season in the middle of our division, following the fifth and final SAL match on Saturday. We finished second on the day, a long way behind Radley AC but comfortably clear of both Winchester AC and Epsom & Ewell Harriers. As host club, we had the benefit of a good turnout, with 17 victories, and Gabrielle Coveney was ranked third in the Woman of the Match award for her performance in the 400m.

The men scored some good early points in the 800m, with a clear win for Mo Hashi in the A string, while veteran Angelo John produced a season’s best to win the B. The sprints were all well covered, with Sean Buckeridge winning the B string 100m, and Kema Egbunike achieving a season’s best in the 200m A. There were PBs in the non-scoring 200m for Tom Sanders and Dante Blackwood, while newcomer Emmanuel Sarpong made a promising debut for the club. In the longer races, Chris Hepworth and Sam Ashcroft cruised to victory in the 1500m A and B respectively. Tom Yates won the steeplechase A string, while Angelo John was first in the B race. Archie Allen made a solid return from injury in the 5000m, supported in the B string by track debutant Santosh Rai.

In the field, 16 year old Karolis Narvilas threw another PB in the hammer. The versatile Paul Gibson had a successful afternoon, achieving his best high jump to date, winning the pole vault with another PB, and throwing a season’s best in the discus. He also found time to compete in the 110m hurdles and the javelin. Emmanuel Sarpong performed well in the long jump, while Sean Buckeridge produced his best triple jump of the season. Team captain Bob Densley produced a season’s best discus throw.

For the women, Eldika Edwards made a welcome return, winning both the 100m and the 200m with a good margin. Gabrielle Coveney won the 200m B as well as the 400m A, the latter in a season’s best time. Helena French competed in the 800m for the first time in five years, while Shim Amin notched up a cluster of points by covering the 100m, 400m, both hurdles events and producing her best triple jump to date, before rounding off her afternoon in the 4×100 relay. U17 Roisin Lynch was one of several athletes tackling a new discipline, making her debut over the full 400m hurdles, before winning the high jump B string and running the 4x100m. In the longer distances, road runner Leanne Smith made a promising debut over 1500m. Fiona Kennedy managed a season’s best in the 3000m A, with Nikki Shelley scoring full points in the B.

Women’s team captain Tracey Gould had a good afternoon in the field with a season’s best in the hammer, her specialist discipline, and another in the javelin. Helen Leadbetter won the pole vault, jumped a season’s best in the long jump, tried her hand at the discus, covered the A slot in the high jump and finished by leading off in the 4x100m. Grazina Narviliene was another busy athlete, winning the pole vault B, as well as competing in the hammer, shot and javelin. The photo above from Jean King is a great shot of Grazina in t he long jump, though unfortunately she didn’t manage to record a valid jump. (It was tricky when she was quite literally competing in two events simultaneously!)

ESM Results summary


100m: A: 3 Will Lord (U20) 11.5, B: 1 Sean Buckeridge 11.5, NS: 1 D’Yon Christopher (U20) 11.9, 2 Tom Sanders (U20) 11.9, 3 Kamau Mohammad (U17) 12.1; 200m: A: 3 Kema Egbunike (U23) 22.9, B: 3 Sean Buckeridge 23.3, NS: 3 Tom Sanders (U20) 24.0, 4 Emanuel Sarpong (U20) 24.6, 5 Kamau Muhammad (U17) 24.7, 6 Dante Blackwood (U17) 25.1; 400m: A: 3 Will Lord (U20) 51.8, B: 3 Sam Ashcroft 56.0; 800m: A: 1 Mo Hashi (U23) 2:00.2, B: 1 Angelo John (M40) 2:11.1; 1500m: A: 1 Chris Hepworth 4:09.2, B: 1 Sam Ashcroft 4:24.4; 3000m: A: 4 Archie Allen 17:16.4, B: 3 Santosh Rai 18:37.3; 110mH: A: 2 Szymon Swigon (U23) 17.8, B: 3 Paul Gibson 25.6; 400mH: A: 2 Szymon Swigon (U23) 63.3, B: 3 Luke Nicholas 73.8; 2000mSC: A: 1 Tom Yates 7:20.8, B: 1 Angelo John (M40) 8:16.6; HJ: A: 3 Paul Gibson 1.55, B: 3 Luke Nicholas 1.00; PV: A: 1 Paul Gibson 3.00, B: 1 Luke Nicholas 1.90; LJ: A: 2 Emmanuel Sarpong (U17) 6.20, B: 2 Dante Blackwood (U17) 5.43; TJ: A: 3 Dante Blackwood (U17) 11.55, B: 2 Sean Buckeridge 10.76; SP: A: 4 Luke Nicholas 7.49, B: 3 Karolis Narvilas (U17) 6.74; DT: A: 4 Paul Gibson 21.83, B: 3 Bob Densley (M60) 16.22; HT: A: 3 Karolis Narvilas (U17) 29.41, B: 2 Bob Densley (M60) 18.12;JT: A: 3 Angelo John (M40) 33.1, B: 2 Paul Gibson 28.62; 4x100m: 3 (Tom Sanders, Sean Buckeridge, Kema Egbunike, Will Lord) 44.8, 4x400m: 3 (Luke Nicholas, Sam Ashcroft, Kamau Muhammad, Angelo John) 3:52.0;


100m: A: 1 Eldika Edwards (U20) 12.8, B: 3 Shim  Amin 14.8; 200m: A: 1 Eldika Edwards (U20) 26.0, B: 1 Gabrielle Coveney 26.6; 400m: A: 1 Gabrielle Coveney 57.4, B: 4 Shim  Amin 73.2; 800m: A: 4 Helena French 2:49.6; 1500m: A: 4 Fiona Kennedy (W55) 5:43.7, B: 2 Leanne Smith 5:53.8; 3000m: A: 2 Fiona Kennedy (W55) 11:46.5, B: 1 Nicola Shelley 12:20.0; 100mH: A: 3 Shim  Amin 21.7; 400mH: A: 4 Roisin Lynch (U17) 80.0, B: 2 Shim  Amin 85.1; HJ: A: 3 Helen Leadbetter 1.35, B: 1 Roisin Lynch (U17) 1.30; PV: A: 1 Helen Leadbetter 2.40, B: 1 Grazina Narvilene (W40) 1.80; LJ: A: 3 Helen Leadbetter 4.58; TJ: A: 3 Roisin Lynch (U17) 8.85, B: 3 Shim  Amin 6.54; SP: A: 3 Tracey Gould (W35) 7.62, B: 3 Grazina Narvilene (W40) 7.13; DT: A: 3 Tracey Gould (W35) 20.76, B: 3 Helen Leadbetter 16.99; HT: A: 2 Tracey Gould (W35) 37.57, B: 3 Grazina Narvilene (W40) 18.42; JT: A: 3 Grazina Narvilene (W40) 18.95, B: 3 Tracey Gould (W35) 18.81; 4x100m: 3 (Helen Leadbetter, Roisin Lynch, Shim Amin, Gabrielle Coveney) 57.4

Full results here