YDL (Lower) – Hemel Hempstead – Sat 18 Jul 2015

Our Under 13/Under 15 squad once again finished fifth in their final Youth Development League match of the season, leaving them fifth overall in the League. The usual tremendous team spirit was boosted by a fuller turnout. Many of the athletes extended their experience by competing in new events, and there was a bumper crop of PBs among those returning to familiar disciplines.

One of the highlights of the day was newcomer Brandon Rochester’s winning debut in the Under 13 boys’ 100m. His remarkable time of 12.2, achieved despite easing up in the closing stages, is a club record. It also ranks him fourth in the country this year, according to Power of 10. Unfortunately, a sore hip prevented him from taking part in the sprint relay. Several of the other U13 boys took the opportunity to run in the non-scoring 100m races, and Noble Sule improved his previous time. Milo Choudhry took a convincing victory in the 800m A race, while Joe Connelly improved his previous time in the B. Mahiis Hersi, struggling with a sore leg and foot, did well to complete the 1500m. Louis Clow won the 75m hurdles with a PB. He and Rhisiart Francois both equalled their PBs in the high jump. It was encouraging also to see several of the athletes making their competitive debut in different events.

For the U15 boys on the track, there was a PB in the 200m for Daniel O’Sullivan, while Kaya Davidson enjoyed a PB in both sprints. In the 800m, Maateo Vao and Kane Foster both improved their previous marks. Out in the field, Maateo showed his versatility by winning the B string high jump. With Lucas Sheehan in the A string, both athletes achieved a PB in that event. Lucas also won the hammer A string with a significant PB. Kai English won the discus despite a couple of no throws. Jonathan Martin should also be applauded for tackling four events, completing the 1500m despite being stung by a wasp!

In the Under 15 girls’ team, Demi Beavis and Sherice Noel-Allen were stars of the show, once again dominating the hammer and discus with wins in both events. Demi was rewarded with two PBs while Sherice also improved her discus mark. Tia Williamson enjoyed a successful afternoon, with a PB in all her individual events (100m, 200m and shot putt). Along with Lucy O’Brien, Cameron Thomas and Lottie Horton, she helped the team to cap off the afternoon with a magnificent win in the sprint relay. Lucy had preceded this with a PB in the 300m, having run a PB over 800m at the Watford Open earlier in the week. Cameron had made her 400m debut at Watford, and competed over 200m for the first time at Hemel. The 4 x 300m was also an exciting affair, with strong opening legs from Cameron and Lucy, and Demi and Sarah Freegard giving their all to hold on to second place. Sarah had earlier achieved a PB in the long jump A, while Anisa Ibrahim had done likewise in the B string. Anisa’s performance in the 1500m also deserves a mention, as it was a PB by some margin.

The return of Maya Faulkner and Fiona Coutts made a big difference to the Under 13 girls’ squad, not least because – with Kiara Wilson and Caoimhe O’Brien – they had enough athletes this time for a relay team! The four girls covered 12 other events between them. Kiara and Caoimhe are in their first season as Under 13s and the improvements they have already shown presage well for next year.

Bridie Lebdiri and Denise English would like to thank Bob Densley and Ann Livingstone for officiating on Saturday, as well as parents Linda O’Brien and Pat Thomas who stepped in to help. (This not only improved the smooth-running of the event, but the team scored additional points for supplying officials!)

Well done to all the young athletes for their achievements in the League, and to their coaches for their advice and motivation. With a good new crop of Under 11s and Under 13s now attending club sessions, there is all to play for in the forthcoming cross country season.

And for anyone still eager to compete in track and field, there are still a few Open Meetings, including some by WLAN – check the ‘Upcoming Fixtures’ box on the Home Page –  and some by Watford Harriers.

ESM results summary
U15 Boys

100m: A: 4 Daniel O’Sullivan 12.0; B: 4 Kaya Davidson 13.0; NS: 2 Chauncy Edwards 14.5; 5 Kirk Lebdiri 15.6; 200m: A: 2 Daniel O’Sullivan 24.1; B: 5 Kaya Davidson 26.7; 300m: A: 2 Lucas Sheehan 38.1; B: 6 Kirk Lebdiri 53.9; 800m: A: 3 Maateo Vao 2.14.1; B: 5 Kane Foster 2.29.9; 1500m: A: 5 Sudeys Hersi 5.04.4; B: 5 Jonathan Martin 5.32.4; DT: A: 1 Kai English 21.78; 4 Kirk Lebdiri 13.44; HT: A: 1 Lucas Sheehan 29.55; JT: A: 4 Jonathan Martin 29.03; B: 5 Kai English 17.32; SP: A: 4 Jonathan Martin 7.97; B: 6 Kane Foster 5.50; LJ: A: 2 Daniel O’Sullivan 5.31; B: 4 Kane Foster 3.65; HJ: A: 2 Lucas Sheehan 1.62; B: 1 Maateo Vao 1.59; 4x100m: 3 (Chauncey Edwards; Daniel O’Sullivan; Kaya Davidson; Maateo Vao) 51.0; 4x300m: 5 (Maateo Vao; Kane Foster; Jonathan Martin; Sudeys Hersi) 3.05.3
U13 Boys
100m: A: 1 Brandon Rochester 12.2 1; B: 5 Rhisiart Francois 19.1; NS: Milo Choudhry 13.5; Noble Sule 13.6; 200m: A: 6 Marcus West 29.0; 5 Mikey Kouwiloyan 30.4; 800m: A: 1 Milo Choudhry 2.27.5; B: 5 Joe Connelly 3.00.9; 1500m: A: 5 Dylan Rice 5.27.3; B: 5 Mahiis Hersi 5.50.7; 75mH: A: 1 Louis Clow 12.6; B: 3 Kyriece Willis-Thomas 16.2; JT: A: 7 Rhisiart Francois 12.66; SP: A: 6 Brandon Rochester 5.42; B: 5 Mikey Kouwiloyan 4.16; LJ: A: 2 Louis Clow 4.55; B: 4 Noble Sule 3.4; HJ: 3 Louis Clow 1.30; B: 4 Rhisiart Francois 1.15; 4x100m: 4 (Milo Choudhry; Kyriese Willis-Thomas; Rhisiart Francois; Noble Sule) 57.1
U15 Girls
100m: A: 2 Lottie Horton 13.0; B: 2 Tia Williamson 13.8; 200m: A: 5 Tia Williamson 28.5; B: 3 Cameron Thomas 28.7; 300m: A: 4 Lucy O’Brien 46.1; 800m: A: 2 Lucy O’Brien 2.30.2; B: 3 Cameron Thomas 2.46.3; 1500m: A: 5 Anisa Ibrahim 5.39.2; DT: A: 1 Demi Beavis 21.06; B: 1 Sherice Noel-Allen 14.41; HT: A: 1 Demi Beavis 30.07; B: 1 Sherice Noel-Allen 18.43; JT: A: 6 Lottie Horton 12.28; B: 5 Sarah Freegard 7.98; SP: A: 3 Tia Williamson 7.54; LJ: A: 6 Sarah Freegard 3.76; B: 6 Anisa Ibrahim 3.48; 4x100m: 1 (Lucy O’Brien; Tia Williamson; Cameron Thomas; Lottie Horton) 53.8; 4x300m: 2 (Cameron Thomas; Lucy O’Brien; Demi Beavis; Sarah Freegard) 3.10.4
U13 Girls
75m: A: 3 Maya Faulkner 10.8; B: 7 Caoimhe O’Brien 14.3; 150m: A: 3 Maya Faulkner 21.2; B: 7 Kiara Wilson 25.1; 800m: A: 7 Caoimhe O’Brien 3.30.1; 1200m: A: 3 Fiona Coutts 5.00.2; JT: A: 4 Fiona Coutts 13.29; SP: 7 Kiara Wilson 5.04; LJ: A: 4 Maya Faulkner 4.01; B: 6 Fiona Coutts 3.05; 4x100m: 7 (Fiona Coutts; Kiara Wilson; Caoimhe O’Brien; Maya Faulkner) 67.9

Full results here