Yacht Handicap winners 2022: Armen Kanikanian & Jo Wilson

Martin Wilson writes:

The ESM Yacht Handicap has been an annual fun event for ESM runners & friends for at least the last 50 years & quite possibly longer. The concept, borrowed from the world of sailing, is designed to give everybody, regardless of ability & current fitness levels, a chance to win. There is a staggered start, working through until the quickest runners go last. The idea is that, providing the handicap system has worked correctly and the athletes run to form, all the runners should all finish the 6K course at the same time or at least fairly close together.

In the 1960’s the course was run around the streets of Ealing then from the early 1980’s in Pitshanger Park. For the third consecutive year we used our much better semi-rural course around Perivale Park & along the Ruislip Rd skirting the river Brent…a 2 lapper making it into a 6K race. So on the day we had 25 ESM athletes actually competing & a full complement of enthusiastic marshals: Breege Leane, Gurmeet Lally, Catherine Gunnewicht, Malcolm Woolsey, Mark Kencroft & Martin Daoud with Lynn Wilson, Shona Cowper & Bob Densley doing the honours on timekeeping & recording … a complete ESM production.

We were again blessed with a lovely mild evening with just a temporary refreshing shower & nigh on perfect running conditions. Most of our athletes turned in superb performances smashing through their predicted times.

First runners home were Armen Kanikanian & Jo Wilson our Yacht Handicap champions for 2022. Fastest overall time on the night was Wayne Harrison for the men in 21.39 and Sarah Harris for the women finishing in 25.16.

Full results attached.

Thanks everyone for turning up and creating a truly enjoyable event. I hope the runners enjoyed it as much as we did watching. Celebrations continued in the pub afterwards …hope everyone got home safe.