Vets League – Battersea – Mon 13 May 2013

The turn out was not fantastic, with 7 ladies and 5 men from ESM, but then again, summer had not exactly arrived.

The first position honours were split evenly between the men and women, with Dave Foley and Grazina Narviliene.

Grazina came first (PB) in the 2000m W35 race walk, as well as second (PB) in the W35 High Jump, third (PB) in the 1500m W35A and fourth in Shot Putt 4K W35.

Dave came first (PB) in the High Jump M50, and fourth (PB) in the 1500m M50.

Bob Stanbrook came second in the Long Jump M60, as well as fourth in Shot Putt 5K M60 and sixth in 100m M50. Gillian Morgan came second in the 1500m W50 and fourth (PB) in the 400m W35B. Janice Newman came second in the 1500m W60. Tracey Gould came second in DT1.5K W35 and second (PB) in Shot Putt W35 non-scoring. Jane Ruhland came third (PB) in 400m W35A and Long Jump W35 as well as fourth (PB) in 100m W35A. Jane Harris came third in 100m W50 and in the Long Jump W50. Carol Jones came third in 1500m W35B. Laurence Messer came third (PB) in 400m M60 and fourth (PB) in both 100m M60 and 1500m M60. Angelo John, came fourth (PB) in 400m M35A and fourth in 1500m M35A. Bob Densley came fourth (PB) in SP6K M50 and sixth in DT1.5K M50.

The ESM Women’s team was third in 4x400m W35.

Results in ThePowerOf10. The next Vets league fixture is at the Hillingdon Stadium on Monday 10th June.