Timed Mile – Lammas Park – Fri 28 Jul 2017

As Cath put it: “It was all about the men today!” Just seven hardy men and no women (apart from volunteers Lynn, Cath and myself) turned up for this championship race, writes Fiona Kennedy.

Was it the clash with the Wedding Day 7k… was it the weather… was it holiday season… or was it a bit of all three?

It was indeed an unpleasant evening: windy, wet, and pretty damn chilly. Good performances though from all the guys. Like last Friday, Santosh was first home, with Mark K. in hot pursuit. Malcolm and Kevin both got inside 6 minutes. Jav put in a respectable time too – despite being just back from holiday. (Having dashed back to Ealing specially then rushing back into town for a work do, I think he should get a special medal just for attending). With Bill Lonsdale completing the field in 6:39, the race was a brief affair, though the evening did continue in the pub.

By chance we spotted erstwhile member Steve Gennari walking his dogs in the park. Steve has a 2:38 marathon PB to his name, but these days just runs to keep fit for his current passion: table tennis.

Timing by myself, but thanks to Martin for taking back-up times, to Lynn for recording finish positions, and to Cath for taking photos.


1 Santosh Rai 5:15; 2 Mark Kencroft (M45) 5:21; 3 Mark Delahunty (M40) 5:44; 4 Malcolm Woolsey 5:52; 5 Kevin Falvey 5:56; 6 Jav Sondh 6:21; 7 Bill Lonsdale (M65) 6:39