Southern Athletics League – Wormwood Scrubs – Sat 21 Jun 2014

We faced a strong match against TVH, Dacorum & Tring and Ryston, but came through to finish second. Our newly promoted team is now consolidating its position in the middle of Division 2 North.

There were a number of good performances. Jamie Taylor-Caldwell was scheduled to run the 400 metres, but filled vacant slots in the 800 metres and 1500 metres, winning them both. Ben Waterman was close to his best, easily winning the 400 metres in 49.3 seconds. New member Chris Dettmar, more usually seen racing on the roads, comfortably won the 5000 metres – well , as comfortable as you can get on a blazing midsummer day!

For the women, Eldika Edwards delivered her customary double win in the 100 and 200 metres but the headwind slowed the times. Kat Mertens returned from injury to win the 400 metres and take second in the 800. Fiona Kennedy, attending to support the team, donned a vest to run the 1500 metres in a time which ranks her second in the country for the W55 age group.

The women also had success in the field, with Emma Gayler once again winning the long and triple jump. Debbie McCaw won the hammer and – with strong backup from Siobhan Drummond and Yasmin Ferguson – ensured Ealing captured 25 valuable points in the throws.

Results summary


100m: Sean Buckeridge 11.53, D’Yon Christopher 11.50, 200m D’yon Christopher 24.0, Reiss Cyrille 25.7, 400m Ben Waterman 49.3, Jamie Taylor-Caldwell 54.2, 800m Jamie Taylor-Caldwell 1:59.6, Joe Gilbert 2:05.0, 1500m Jamie Taylor-Caldwell 4:19.1, Mukhtar Farah 4:31.2, 5000m Chris Dettmar 16:26.0, Phil York 23:08.4 110H Szymon Swigon 19.2 400H Szymon Swigon 67.3, Luke Nicholas 65.0, 2000m Chase Tom Yates 7.14.3, Rob Brown 7.43, HJ Reiss Cyrille 1.55, Szymon Swigon 1.40, PV Luke Nicholas 2.00, Bob Densley 1.40, LJ Joel Wynter 6.00, Szymon Swigon 5.53,TJ Joel Wynter 11.19, Szymon Swigon 10.17, Shot Luke Nicholas 7.60, Bob Densley 7.22, Discus Bob Densley 16.07, Szymon Swigon 15.22, Hammer Karolis Narvilas 22.31, Bob Densley 17.13, Javelin Bob Densley 18.65, Reuben Fleary 3.32.


100m Eldika Edwards 12.7, Tabita Botuli 13.0, 200m Eldika Edwards 26.4, Tabita Botuli 26.8, 400m Katherine Mertens 61.0, Pat Thomas 76.2, 800mKatherine Mertens 2:19.8, Nicola Shelley 2:30.5, 1500m Fiona Kennedy 5:33.4, 3000m Courtney Marshall 11:43.5, Pat Thomas 13:27.3, 100h Emma Gayler 20.3, HJ Eldika Edwards 1.30, Nicola Shelley 1.25, PV Grazina Narviliene 1.80, LJ Emma Gayler 5.51, Besirat Tesfu 4.53, TJ Emma Gayler 11.00, Besirat Tesfu 8.80, Shot Yasmin Ferguson 10.25, Debbie McCaw 9.87, Discus Siobhan Drummond 32.11, Yasmin Ferguson 28.23, Hammer Debbie McCaw 43.65, Yasmin Ferguson 21.90, Javelin Siobhan Drummond 24.14, Debbie McCaw 23.93

Non Scorers

Tom Sanders 100m 12.2

Full results can be found here