SAL – Brighton – Sat 09 July 2016

We once again relied heavily on our male sprinters and female field eventers at the penultimate Southern Athletics League match in Brighton on Saturday. With relatively few opting to make the journey, many team members competed in additional events to win much-needed points. The club managed to finish level with local rivals Hillingdon but well behind Brighton and Newbury.

There were just three victories for the men. Will Lord finished first in the 100m and Tom Sanders did likewise in the 200m, where he ran close to his best. Together with Ash Conteh and Kamau Muhammad, Will and Tom later enjoyed a convincing victory in the sprint relay. Will notched up a personal best when narrowly beaten in the 400m, and Ash improved his 200m best. The team was boosted by the welcome return of Matthew Clampin, while Emmanuel Sarpong made his competitive debut for the club. Luke Nicholas did sterling service by competing in six events.

The women managed to win seven events. Kamile Bykovaite and Besirat Tesfu dominated the horizontal jumps, winning the A and B strings respectively. In the process, triple jump specialist Kamile achieved a personal best in the long jump. Throws specialists Debbie McCaw and Tracy Gould won the hammer A and B strings, while Debbie won the B string discus.

The club will benefit from a home fixture for the final match on Saturday 20th July. Men interested in competing should contact Bob Densley, and women should get in touch with Tracey Gould.

Match scores (provisional): Brighton & Hove 220, Newbury 208, ESM 132, Hillingdon 124

ESM Results summary
100m: A: 1 Will Lord (U20) 11.10, B: Tom Sanders (U20) 11.50; 200m: A: 3 Tom Sanders (U20) 23.22, B: 3 Ash Conteh (U20) 24.35; 400m: A: 2 Will Lord (U20) 50.00, B: 2 Rowan Board (U20) 52.37; 800m: A: 2 Mukhtar Farah (U20) 2:05.28, B: 4 Luke Nicholas 2:14.49; 1500m: A: 4 Mukhtar Farah 4:17.10, B: 4 Luke Nicholas 4:42.25; 3000m: A: 4 Rob Brown (M50) 10:48.87, B: 4 Phil York (M50) 11:51.02; 110mH: 2 Szymon Swigon 17.57; 400mH: A: 3 Szymon Swigon 64.96; B: 3 Luke Nicholas 71.57; 3000m SC: A: 3 Luke Nicholas 11:56.13; B: 3 Rob Brown (M50) 12:26.14; HJ: A: 4 Emmanuel Sarpong (U20) 1.55, B: 2 Matthew Clampin 1.50; PV: A: 3 Bob Densley (M65) 1.10; B: 2 Luke Nicholas 1.10; LJ: A: 3 Emmanuel Sarpong (U20) 5.57; B: 3 Matthew Clampin 4.94; TJ A: 3 Emmanuel Sarpong (U20) 11.25; B: 3 Szymon Swigon 9.61; SP: A: 3 Luke Nicholas 8.03; B: 4 Kamau Muhammad (U20) 6.47; DT: A: 3 Kamau Muhammad (U20) 20.46; B: 3 Bob Densley (M65) 16.71; HT: A: 3 Bob Densley (M65) 20.92; B: 3 Pat Cornell (M60) 11.80; JT: A: 4 Matthew Clampin 25.66; B: 3 Bob Densley (M65) 18.56; 4x100m: 1 (Ash Conteh, Will Lord, Tom Sanders, Kamau Muhammad) 44.8; 4x400m: 3 (Will Lord, Mukhtar Farah, Tom Sanders, Rowan Board) 3:36.4
400m: 3 Roisin Lynch (U17) 69.96, 400mH: 3 Laura Stewart (U17) 76.82; HJ: A: 3 Roisin Lynch (U17) 1.35; B: Siobhan Drummond 1.15; LJ: A: 1 Kamile Bykovaite (U20) 5.04, B: 1 Besirat Tesfu (U20) 4.58; TJ: A: 1 Kamile Bykovaite (U20) 11.07; B: 1 Besirat Tesfu (U20) 10.20; SP: A: 2 Debbie McCaw (W35) 9.43; B: 2 Siobhan Drummond 8.07; DT: A: 2 Siobhan Drummond 33.79, B: 1 Debbie McCaw 29.83; HT: A: 1 Debbie McCaw 46.09; B: 1 Tracey Gould 30.67; JT: A: 3 Debbie McCaw 23.14; B: 2 Siobhan Drummond 22.25

Full results here