North West London League – Trent Park – Sat 25 Nov 2017

Coach Bridie Lebdiri shares a few observations on the last match. Thanks to Annick Hooge for these photos; there are more on our Facebook page.

U11 boys Evan Alec and Tom

U11 boys: It was good to see Tom and Evan trying out cross country. Alec Edgar did very well, I advised him to follow Lucy and it worked.

U13 boys: They are continually improving and getting stronger.

U15 boys: Again they did pretty well in what was a very strong field – the leaders flew around!

U17 men: Chauncey Edwards had a good race, adds Tim Hannah, especially as he missed the start by two minutes!

U13 Lucy Henson

U13 girls: Lucy is maintaining the fifth place but admitted the hills were tough! It was a very good performance for someone who is only on light running training.

U15 girls: Anna Ilchenko impressed me on Saturday, as she came out of woods to face the last hill, I placed her about third and she looked strong. I believe she took a wrong turn close to the finish and got overtaken by two or three athletes. Anna displays a great work ethic in training and this is beginning to show in her races.

U13 Athena Freemantle

U17 girls: I spoke to Angel after her race. She didn’t think it was her best race of the season but it was still a very good performance in second.

ESM results summary:

U11B: 6 Alec Edgar 11:54; 23 Tom Dobbin 13:36; 34 Evan Thompson 14:54

U13B: 17 Maxi Steel 13:48; 18 Arun Smith 13:55; 20 Taaj Ojha 14:03

U15B: 22 Tom Edgar 18:04; 24 Felix Mountford 18:44; 34 Matteo Lamagna 19:42; 39 Raf Davison 20:34

U17M: 7 Chauncey Edwards 26:06

U13G: 5 Lucy Henson 11:44; 34 Athena Freemantle 14:51

U15G: 6 Anna Ilchenko 13:58; 24 Charlotte Cooney-Quinn 16:28; 27 Lauren Beale 17:04

U17W: 2 Angel Grimes-McTavish 18:27; 9 Maryam Hussain 22:46

Full results on powerof10