Middlesex Young Athletes’ League – Allianz Park – Sat 15 Jul 2017

The final match of the season was held at Allianz Park on Saturday 15th July, writes Bridie Lebdiri. With school holidays having already started for some, along with the odd illness, ESM went with a rather depleted team. Nevertheless, we ended the day in third position in the match, and finished an outstanding third position overall in this new league.

As usual our U11 girls were full of enthusiasm. The girls, Narissa Wright, twins Isabela and Lucila Dussaillant Di Cesare covered five events between them. Elizabeth Boissiere came along to watch big sister Katherine but joined in for the 4x100m relay. It is worth noting that all these girls are very young and will be still U11 for the next two years.

We continue to grow in strength in the U13 girls’ age group and had three winners on the day:

100m B string – Josie-May Borelly

High jump A string – Shenali Perera

High jump B string – Athena Freemantle

Although not amongst the winners, Chimera Matthews and Lucy Henson both ran very competitively in the 100m and 1500m respectively. Chimera dipped under 14 seconds for the 100m and Lucy lowered her PB by almost 12 seconds to 5:28.8. in what was only her second outing at the distance. We were fortunate to have electronic timing in this league and the photo shows the U13 girls non-scoring 100m.


Katherine Boissiere got valuable points in the discus and shot putt and ran a storming bend for the third leg of the 4x100m (pictured), which saw the girls finish a fantastic second ahead of some very strong clubs. Our other relay team members were Shenali, Lucy and Chimera.

Anna Dussaillant Di Cesare competed in the shot putt and non-scoring 100m and stepped up to the U15 age group where we were short on relay runners. She coped very well on the third relay leg and held her position amongst much older athletes.

With her favourite event – long jump – not on this week’s programme, Ashana Clunie competed well in the non-scoring 100m.

Hats off to May Faulkner and Estelle Belgrave, our only athletes in the U15 girls age group. Between them they covered six events, plus the relay, placing in the top three in five events. Well done and thank you girls.

Our U17 women compete in the YDL Upper and also the senior competitions, so we are always thankful for anyone that manages to squeeze in a MYAL meet. This time we had Chloe Mowatt and Yoanna Aleksandrova. Chloe finished third in the shot putt A string and Yoanna second in the javelin A string.

Our U11 boys’ squad comprised Nethara Perera, Thuram Lienu, Dario Botillo, Nathaniel Wright and Junai Thomas. First timer Thuram showed promise in winning the 150m B string. Young Junai, brother of Kai also enjoyed his first competition, competing in the shot putt, 150m and relay. Dario Botillo did well to finish third in the A string shot putt. Nathaniel, Nethara, Junai and Thuram ran impressively to finish second in the 4x100m relay.

The U13 boys age group has been very strong all season and they impressed again at Allianz Park. The strength in their all round ability was evident to see. They won this age group, despite no individual winners in the scoring races. The run, jump, throw training approach has certainly paid off, and their performances are listed in full below. The photos show Maxi Steel and Finn Combe tackling the 800m, and Ellis Kahan-Noel throwing the discus. The highlight was perhaps the boys 4x100m relay. Theo, Daniel, Tyler and Zack – shown in our feature photo – stormed around to a very convincing win.

Despite only having three athletes in the U15 boys age group, we finished a superb second position on the day, thanks to Kai Francis, Miles Bernadine and Musawer Hussain. They covered the maximum number of events within the time frame. All three athletes have been loyal competitors all season. Kai Francis won the 80mH and also competed in the javelin and 200m B string. Miles covered the 100m and 200m A string, while the versatile Musawer competed in the 800m A string and long jump A string. With the help of 12 year Finn Combe they rounded off the day with third place in the 4x100m relay.

With his “partner-in-crime” Kirk letting him down on the day, it was left to multi-talented Kai English to fly the flag for the U17 men. Kai won the discus A string and finished second in the 200m A string. Time clashes meant that he could not fit in the long jump.

A massive thank you to ESM’s John Falvey, the League Secretary, who has quietly put in a huge amount of work towards the smooth-running of this competition.

Thank you also to all our coaches and officials who have helped during the season, and not forgetting the parents who have helped with team-managing, ensuring the young athletes reported to their events on time. There are some budding team managers amongst the parents, so don’t be shy to apply!

Match scores

1 Highgate 830

2 Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers 766
3 Ealing, Southall & Middlesex 631

4 London Heathside 626

5 Cookham 565
6 Barnet & District 375

7 Trent Park 306
8 Queens Park Harriers 204
9 Enfield & Haringey 197

2017 League table

1 Highgate 3684
2 London Heathside 2761
3 Ealing, Southall & Middlesex 2681
4 Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers 2438
5 Cookham 2373
6 Trent Park 1429
7 Barnet & District 1378
8 Queens Park Harriers 927
9 Enfield & Haringey 839

ESM results summary

U17M: 200m: A: 2 Kai English 25.14; DT: 1 Kai English 29.98

U15B: 100m: 4 Miles Bernadine 12.75; 200m: A: 3 Miles Bernadine 26.30; B: 4 Kai Francis 29.63; 800m: 7 Musawer Hussain 2:27.77; 80mH: 1 Kai Francis 14.85; LJ: 4 Musawer Hussain 4.25; JT: 4 Kai Francis 17.29; 4x100m: 3 Ealing S&M 56.62

U13B: 100m: A: 3 Zack Clarke-Green 14.30; B: 2 Tyler Offiah 14.75; NS: 3 Theo Jarret 14.75; 800m: A: 4 Finn Combe 2:28.95; B: 4 Maxi Steel 2:33.39; NS: Najiib Hersi 2:31.05;  Louis Saint 2:38.14;  Mohamed Ibrahim 2:42.33;  Jonah Mezey 2:51.08;  Joseph Flitter 2:57.34; 75mH: A: 3 Tyler Offiah 15.38; B: 2 Daniel O’Brien 15.64; HJ: A: 4 Jonah Mezey 1.10; B: 3 Joseph Flitter 1.10; SP: A: 2 Theo Jarrett 5.43; B: 2 Joseph Flitter 4.55; DT: A: 2 Louis Saint 13.80; B: 2 Ellis Kahan 11.95; NS: Maximilian Steel 11.38; 4x100m: 1 Ealing S&M 57.21

U11B: 150m: A: 2 Nethara Perera 23.20; B: 1 Thuram Lienu 23.67; NS: Nathaniel Wright 24.72; Junai Francis 25.35; Dario Botillo 30.60; LJ: A: 5 Nathaniel Wright 2.86; B: 4 Thuram Lienu 2.84; NS: Nethara Perera 3.40; Dario Botillo 2.84; SP: A: 3 Dario Botillo 3.32; B: 2 Junai Francis 1.91; 4x100m: 2 Ealing S&M 62.52

U17W: SP: 3 Chloe Mowatt 9.37; JT: 2 Yoanna Aleksandrova 24.00

U15G: 100m: A: 3 Maya Faulkner 13.67; B: 2 Estelle Belgrave 14.0; 200m: A: 2 Maya Faulkner 28.17; B: 4 Estelle Belgrave 29.66; 75mH: 3 Estelle Belgrave 13.31; LJ: 5 Maya Faulkner 3.72; 4x100m: 4 Ealing S&M 56.81

U13G: 100m: A: 2 Chimera Matthews 13.99; B: 1 Josie-May Borelly 15.1; NS: Katharine Boissiere 15.6; Ashana McClunie 16.6; Anna Dussaillant Di Cesare 17.1; 1500m: 4 Lucy Henson 5:28.8; 70mH: 4 Josie-May Borelly 14.29; HJ: A: 1 Shenali Perera 1.32; B: 1 Athena Freemantle 1.20; SP: A: 6 Katherine Boissiere 4.22; B: 3 Anna Dussaillant Di Cesare 3.34; DT: A: 4 Katherine Boissiere 11.10; B: 3 Shenali Perera 7.82; 4x100m: 2 Ealing S&M 58.82

U11G: 150m: A: 6 Narrissa Wright 30.60; B: 8 Lucila Dussaillant Di Cesare 36.28; NS: Isabela Dussaillant Di Cesare 35.01; LJ: 7 Narrissa Wright 2.00; SP: A: 5 Lucila Dussaillant Di Cesare 3.22; B: 5 Isabela Dussaillant Di Cesare 3.15; 4x100m: 5 Ealing S&M 83.64

Full results on power of 10. Click here for more information about the league.