Met League – Wormwood Scrubs – Sat 03 Dec 2016

The austere bleak setting of Wormwood Scrubs was vividly decorated by the spectacle of nearly 900 runners from athletics clubs across London competing in the third of five races in the Metropolitan Cross Country League (writes Martin Wilson). Cold typical December weather but the runners were actually very pleased with the firm conditions underfoot as previous years had seen plenty of sloshy mud. We had a respectable turnout of 47 spread right across the age ranges. There were some notable performances to report. Lucy Henson, on her cross country debut for the club finished 18th and half way up the field in the under 13 girls’ race. Other good performances from the youngsters included Mahiis Hersi’s seventh place in the Under 13 boys’ 3km and John Fielding’s seventh place in the Under 17 men’s 4km event. Nicola Ravenhill finished fourth in the combined under 17 and 15 girls’ 4k but actually second in her age category, just edged out by her long time rival India Weir of TVH.The stand out individual performances for the senior men were George Corcoran’s 11th and Ben Waterman’s 14th place over the 8km course, Ben in particular moving well up the field since the first fixture. They were followed closely by Sam Ashcroft in 26th, Mo Hashi in 32nd and Mukhtar Farah in 42nd. We also saw some really good running to complete the men’s scoring team from Archie Jones in 98th, Nick Steel in 139th, Manish Kunwar in 141st, Santosh Rai (pictured above) in 178th and Angelo John in 187th. We also saw some strong showings from evergreen veterans Rob Brown, Mark Kencroft, Dave Foley, Ian Leslie and Steve Plested in a mighty men’s field of nearly 450 runners.

Having finished top of Division 2 at the last two matches, the senior men only finished third on the day this time. ESM fielded a strong team, but the key opposition – Thames Valley Harriers and Enfield – were even stronger on this occasion. Fortunately, we retain our leading position overall at this stage, though the last two fixtures will be critical if promotion back to Division 1 is to be achieved.

The senior women had a good day with a turnout of 14. The scoring team of Shona Cowper, Fiona Kennedy, Grazina Narviliene, Patricia Thomas and Carol Jones finished the day in second place, just pipping local rivals Ealing Eagles. More importantly, with hosts Thames Valley Harriers fielding a weak team, the team has now climbed to second spot overall in Division 2. A strong turnout for the last two matches may yet see them back in Division 1 next season. 

Men (8km): 11 George Corcoran 26:35, 14 Ben Waterman 26:43, 26 Angelo John (V40) 27:15, 32 Mo Hashi 27:28, 42 Mukhtar Farah (U20) 27:44, 98 Archie Jones 29:30, 139 Nick Steel 30:34, 141 Manish Kunwar (U20) 30:39, 178 Santosh Rai 31:19, 187 Angelo John (V40) 31:32, 207 Mark Kencroft (V45) 32:10, 216 Rob Brown (V50) 32:30, 297 Dave Foley (V55) 34:37, 334 Ian Leslie (V55) 35:51, 356 Steve Plested (V65) 36:53, 379 Rob Howells (V60) 38:18, 419 Simon Turrell (V45) 41:23, 420 John Falvey (V60) 41:28, 429 Ian McNally 43:15

U15/17 Boys (4km): 7 John Fielding 13:51, 15 Sudeys Hersi (U15) 14:23, 50 Luke Adar 15:42, 63 Chauncey Edwards (U15) 16:26, 68 Mikey Kouwiloyan (U15) 16:46, 72 Matteo Lamagna (U15) 17:03

U13 Boys (3km): 7 Mahiis Hersi 12:28, 22 Najiib Hersi 12:58, 46 Mohammed Ibrahim 14:42

Women (6km): 47 Shona Cowper 25:46, 55 Fiona Kennedy (V55) 26:09, 62 Grazina Narviliene (V40) 26:36, 94 Patricia Thomas (V50) 27:48, 118 Carol Jones (V55) 29:02, 126 Jane Ruhland (V40) 29:29, 137 Nikki Baker (V45) 30:18, 141 Louise Prince (V45) 30:38, 148 Katie Di Paolo 31:15, 157 Gill Morgan (V55) 32:13, 170 Sue Dyke (V45) 33:07, 188 Estelle McLaughlin 36:58, 193 Nilu Dewan (V40) 37:34

U15/17 Girls (4km): 4 Nicola Ravenhill 15:35, 10 Jessica Leane 16:29, 12 Lucy O’Brien (U15) 16:34, 33 Anisa Ibrahim (U15) 17:49, 49 Maryam Hussain 19:06

U13 Girls (3km): 18 Lucy Henson 14:14

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