London 2012 Olympics – ESM Games Makers

Did you know? No less than nineteen club members are working as Games Maker volunteers at the London 2012 Games: ten Young Games Makers, led by Steve Treanor, plus another eight senior members.

We thought it would be nice to get all the all together for a group photo, but as usual they were too busy running, jumping, throwing and officiating – and a few have squeezed in a holiday between the Olympics and Paralympics. Here’s our best effort: twelve of them in (almost) the same place at the same time.

 At the back: Bob Densley, Steve Treanor, John Falvey.

At the front: Catriona Mitchell, Fiona Kennedy, Evie King, Charlotte Gould, Katrina Will, Josie Elliott and Bhavesh Soneji.In a parallel universe: Akira Anzai-Jackson and Mark Cameron (both participating in a 1-mile race when the first photo was taken).

The other young Games Makers in the squad are Ashley Gould, Chiraag Patel, Lara Kotecha and Rebecca Johnson. The other senior members are Janet Cole, Andy Leung and Laurence Messer.

We also shouldn’t overlook the contribution made by honorary member Jeanne Coker who’s been a technical official, coach Nigel Small who has a paid role organising transport at Heathrow, and of course club members in the police force.