England Athletics Weekly Quadrathlon @home

England Athletics have partnered with Sportshall Athletics to run a weekly track and field Quadrathlon competition.

This event is a great chance for track and field athletes to compete virtually at home during the lockdown.

Anyone aged 9 or over can take part, they just need to sign up here. Full competition details can be found here.

The competition begins on the 23rd January and will take place every weekend until the 28th February.  Athletes can take part each week, every other week, or just once.

This quadrathlon consists of a 100m Shuttle Run, Standing Long Jump, Vertical Jump and Target Throw.

Sportshall Athletics have created videos for how to set up each of the activities, which you can see here:

Shuttle Run, Vertical Jump, Standing Long Jump, Target Throw.

You can see written information for how to set up each activity here.

Sportshall Athletics have also set up a @Home Pentathlon, which you find out more about here.