YDL Upper – Guildford – Sun 01 May 2016

Our U20/U17 squad came second in their first match of the Youth Development League at Guildford on Sunday. With the mild dry weather conditions conducive to good performances, the athletes won 13 events and achieved 20 personal bests.

The U17 men mustered only one athlete in the field events, but it was a stand-out performance from Luke Miller, who improved his javelin throw by 5m to win with 51.14. He is now ranked joint 7th U17 on the national rankings for 2016. Phoenix Lyon enjoyed a clear win in the 200m and was second in the 100m, supported by newcomer Jamie Bryce in the B race. There was a clutch of PBs in the middle distances: from Reef Hook who won the 400m and Luke Adar in the 1500m. John Fielding was close to his best in the 800m A and George Kerry ran an outdoor PB in winning the B.

The sprinters notched up some good points for the U20 men. Desmond Ofasi was close to his best when finishing second in the 100m and Will Lord won the B race with a PB. Kamau Muhammad had a busy afternoon, running a PB in the non-scoring 100m, finishing second in the 200m and scoring maximum points in the shot with another PB. He joined Desmond, Will and U17 Phoenix Lyon to win the sprint relay, and led off the 4x400m. There were points aplenty in the middle distances too. Will enjoyed a convincing victory in the 400m with another PB, while Mukhtar Farah and U17 Luke Adar finished second and first in the 800m A & B races respectively. Oliver Way had little challenge in the 1500m but ran close to his PB. Out in the field, Joel Wynter was also not far outside his best in winning the triple jump while Eliot Stewart scored maximum points in the B event with his debut League performance. Eliot achieved a PB in the high jump while Joel long-jumped a season’s best. Karolis Narvilas competed in all four throws, setting PBs in the hammer and shot.

For the U17 women, Roisin Lynch and Keisha Juggan-Tull scored maximum points in the triple jump. There were no wins in the other events but many good performances. Lottie Horton ran an outdoor PB in the 200m A race while Amber Henry achieved a PB in the B. Laura Stewart and Roisin Lynch both showed improvement over the 300m hurdles, and Laura also trimmed her time over the 80m hurdles. In the field, Roisin bettered her previous long jump record – the photo shows her in mid-flight – while Demi Beavis threw a hammer PB. Zoya Styles was unstoppable in the throws, attaining a shot PB in the U17 event, and a PB in the U20 hammer event (where the implement is heavier). She also made her League debut in the discus and javelin, again competing in the U20 events.

It was an excellent start to the season, but the club could have achieved much more with a few more athletes turning out, to ensure better coverage of the events. The next match is on May 29th at Perivale, so let’s see a good turn-out.

ESM Results summary

Match scores: 1 Guildford & Godalming AC 700, 2 ESM AC 424, 3 Vale of Aylesbury AC 409, 4 Bournemouth AC & NFJ 303, 5 Chichester AC 269, 6 Havant AC & Isle of Wight 236, 7 Team Hounslow 0

U17 Men

100m: A: 2 Phoenix Lyon 11.4; B: 3 Jamie Bryce 12.4; 1500m: A: 3 Luke Adar 4:56.2; 200m: A: 1 Phoenix Lyon 23.0; 400m: A: 2 Reef Hook 52.4; 800m: A: 2 John Fielding 2:06.9; B: 1 George Kerry 2:09.0; JT: A: 1 Luke Miller 51.14

U20 Men

100m: A: 2 Desmond Ofasi 11.6; B: 1 Will Lord 11.1; NS 1 Kamau Muhammad 11.7; 200m: A: 3 Desmond Ofasi 23.7; B: 2 Kamau Muhammad 24.7; 400m: A: 1 Will Lord 50.8; 800m: A: 2 Mukhtar Farah 2:07.1; 800m: B: 1 Luke Adar (U17) 2:25.4; 1500m: A: 1 Oliver Way 4:20.4; DT: A: 2 Karolis Narvilas 22.46; HJ: A: 2 Eliot Stewart 1.50; HT: A: 2 Karolis Narvilas 33.44; JT: A: 3 Karolis Narvilas 23.24; LJ: A: 2 Joel Wynter 6.17; SP: A: 2 Karolis Narvilas 7.91; B: 1 Kamau Muhammad 7.42; TJ: A: 1 Joel Wynter 12.16; B: 1 Eliot Stewart 9.54; 4x100m: 1 Will Lord, Desmond Ofasi, Kamau Muhammad, Phoenix Lyon (U17) 44.1; 4x400m: 2 Kamau Muhammad, John Fielding (U17), George Kerry (U17), Mukhtar Farah 3:53.8

U17 Women

100m: A: 3 Lottie Horton 13.2; B: 2 Laura Davies 13.4; 200m: A: 4 Lottie Horton 27.4; B: 2 Amber Henry 28.1; 300m: A: 4 Cameron Thomas 46.5; B: 2 Maryam Hussain 48.9; 300mH A: 2 Laura Stewart 47.9; B: 2 Roisin Lynch 54.2; 800m: A: 3 Maryam Hussain 2:40.4; 80mH A: 3 Laura Stewart 13.6; DT: A: 3 Demi Beavis 18.21; HT: A: 2 Demi Beavis 39.89; LJ: A: 5 Roisin Lynch 4.14; SP: A: 3 Zoya Styles 8.74; TJ: A: 1 Roisin Lynch 9.10; B: 1 Keisha Juggan-Tull 7.48; 4x100m: 2 Laura Davies, Cameron Thomas, Amber Henry, Lottie Horton 52.9; 4x300m: 2 Cameron Thomas, Maryam Hussain, Roisin Lynch, Laura Stewart 3:09.6

U20 Women

DT: A: 3 Zoya Styles (U17) 13.59; HT: A: 2 Zoya Styles 27.32; JT: A: 2 Zoya Styles 17.78

Full results here