YDL (U17/U20) – Perivale – Sun 25 June 2017

The heatwave subsided last Sunday to produce ideal conditions for athletics, and produced the closest match so far this season in our division, writes Tim Hannah. The lead kept changing throughout the day. The throws and hurdles events gave Ealing St Marys the lead in the morning. Vale of Aylesbury came back with strong field performances in the afternoon but by 5pm, Guildford and Godalming had claimed first place, with superior numbers across the events.

Our first winner was Laura Stewart in the U20 women’s 400m hurdles, in 70.3. Amber Henry won the 100m B in a season’s best and Lucy O’Brien ran a personal best in the 400m after a close battle with Laura. Nicola Ravenhill won the U20 steeplechase in 5:24.0 and joined Roisin, Laura and Scarlett Sinclair to win the 4x400m relay. In the field, Zoya Styles won the U20 hammer throw with a big personal best of 43.05, which ranks as AAA grade 3. Isha Habib won both the long jump (5.20m – AAA grade 3) and triple jump (9.72m). Roisin Lynch joined Isha in winning the B string triple jump with 8.79m.

Note: Performances are graded by the Amateur Athletics Association (AAA): Grade 4 = very good, grade 3 = excellent, grade 2 = superb and grade 1 = totally outstanding.

The U20 men had Reef Hook on his debut YDL run this year, winning the 400m in a time of 52.8. Mukhtar Farah won the 1500m in a time of 4:15 with George Kerry winning the B string in 4:21. However, just beating both of them was non-scorer Oliver Way in a time of 4:14.

For the U17 women, Feia Starkey came second with 47.1 in the U17 300m hurdles, which scored an AAA grade 3. She was also second with 47.4 in the 300m which merited a grade 4. Chloe Mowatt achieved a grade 4 rating when placing second in the shot with 9.63m and a further grade 4 with her personal best of 30.02m in the hammer.

Kai English delivered the only win in an individual U17 men’s event, with his 1.65m in the high jump. He showed his versatility by helping the 4x400m relay team to a win with his well-judged opening leg, surging away over the last 150m. (This was just after running a personal best in the 200m!)

The final match for this division is at Oxford on July 23rd.

Match scores

1 Guildford & Godalming AC 466; 2 Vale of Aylesbury AC 462; 3 Ealing St Marys 430; 4 Thames Valley Harriers 234; 5 Team Oxfordshire 119; 6 Team Hounslow AC 6

ESM results summary

U20 Men

100m: A: 4 Tom Sanders 11.6, B: 3 Ash Conteh 11.7; 200m: A: 3 Tom Sanders 22.9, 3 Ash Conteh 24.3; 400m: 1 Reef Hook 52.8, B: 2 Kamau Muhammad 55.4; 800m: 3 Luke Adar 2:17.6; 1500m: A: 1 Mukhtar Farah 4:15.8, B: 1 George Kerry 4:21.0, NS: Oliver Way 4:14.6; SP: 3 Kamau Muhammad 7.04; HT: 2 Kamau Muhammad 19.58; 4x100m: 3 ESM (Zac Wyngate-Denys, Kamau Muhammad, Ash Conteh, Tom Sanders) 50.1

U17 Men:

100m: 5 Alastair O’Donnell 11.7; 200m: 4 Kai English 24.5; 800m: 4 Chauncey Edwards 3:07.5; 100mH: 1 Widdop-Gray Joe 14.5; 400mH: 1 Alfie Crews 65.40; LJ: 2 Alfie Crews 5.58; HJ: 1 Kai English 1.65; PV: 2 Jack Bennett 2.50; SP: A: 2 Matthew Collingridge 10.64, B: 1 Jonathan Martin 6.66; DT: 1 Matthew Collingridge 37.62, 1 Kai English 30.14; HT: 1 Matthew Collingridge 18.68; JT: 4 Jonathan Martin 26.81; 4x400m: 1 ESM (Kai English, Jack Bennett, Alfie Crews, Chauncey Edwards) 3:56.5

U20 Women

100m: A: 4 Laura Davies 13.5, B: 1 Amber Henry 13.2; 200m: 3 Amber Henry 27.9; 400m: A: 2 Laura Stewart 63.4, B: 1 Lucy O’Brien 63.2; 800m: 2 Roisin Lynch 2:46.0; 100mH: 2 Laura Stewart 18.2; 400mH: 1 Laura Stewart 70.3; 1500mSC: 1 Nicola Ravenhill 5:24.0; LJ: 1 Isha Habib 5.20; TJ: A: 1 Isha Habib 9.72, B: 1 Roisin Lynch 8.79; HT: 1 Zoya Styles 43.05; 4x100m: 2 ESM (Laura Davies, Amber Henry, Isha Habib, Lampe Daniella) 52.20; 4x400m: 1 ESM (Roisin Lynch, Nicola Ravenhill, Scarlett Sinclair, Laura Stewart) 4:48.7

U17 Women

100m: 4 Daniella Lampe 13.0; 300m: 2 Feia Starkey 44.1; 800m: 4 Scarlett Sinclair 2:47.7; 300mH: 2 Feia Starkey 47.4; LJ: A: 4 Florence Henderson 3.86, B: 3 Celeste Phelan 3.16; SP: A: 2 Chloe Mowatt 9.63, B: 1 Sjanneke Rumley 8.94; DT: 3 Sjanneke Rumley 19.50; HT: A: 4 Chloe Mowatt 30.02, B: 1 Celeste Phelan 28.70; JT: A: 2 Yoanna Aleksandrova 24.29, B: 1 Feia Starkey 23.92

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