YDL (Lower) – Winchester – Sun 21 Jun 2015

Our Under 13/Under 15 squad showed great team spirit to finish fifth in their third Youth Development League match of the season last Saturday at Winchester. The athletes who went had a very successful afternoon, and would have scored better with a fuller complement of U13 girls.

For the U15 boys, Daniel O’Sullivan was second in both the sprints, gaining a PB over 200m. He also won the B string long jump. Lucas Sheehan won all three of his events: the 300m, the hammer and the high jump, with a PB in both the field events. Jonathan Martin won the B string 300m and improved his javelin throw significantly over the previous match. Sudeys Hersi showed great improvement in the 800m after his debut last season. Mattia Cilurzo came second in the 80m hurdles with a PB, matched his PB in the 100m flat and was close to his PB in winning the long jump. Kane Foster won the B string high jump with a PB. Kai English produced another PB when placing second in the discus.

In the U13 boys’ squad, Jeff Hagan and Blesk Ekpenyong had a successful afternoon, winning the A and B strings respectively in the 100m and the long jump. Jeff’s 100m was his fastest on record. Mahiis Hersi and Marcus West both ran a PB in the 800m. Both strings were run together and Marcus – a first year U13 – ran an excellent race, with a controlled first lap, a steady move up the field in the second lap and a magnificent sprint finish to finish third overall and first in the B string. Talvin McClunie, normally a 1500m runner, stepped in at the last minute to run a very good sprint relay leg in place of Shae Lindo-Lee. Shae was feeling unwell later in the day, though he had succeeded in winning the B string shot.

For the U15 girls, Lottie Horton came second in both sprints, and was backed up in both by Tia Williamson, who pulled out her fastest 200m to date – along with her longest shot putt. Lucy O’Brien and Cameron Thomas each ran the 300m, the 800m and both relays. It was Lucy’s 300m debut, and a PB for Cameron. In the sprint relay, Cameron showed good speed round the bend on leg three, and on leg one of the 4 x 300m, she handed over in the lead. Anisa Ibrahim ran a PB in the 1500m and also recorded her best long jump to date. Ines Maret improved her time over the 75m hurdles. Demi Beavis won the discus and hammer. She also sportingly covered one of the 4 x 300m relay legs at the last minute – in borrowed running shoes! – and it made all the difference, with the team finishing second.

Although there were only three under 13 girls at the match, they competed valiantly. Mia Rubén tackled the 75m and the long jump. Caoimhe O’Brien and Fatima Hussain both ran the 150m and attempted the high jump. Fatima also threw the javelin while Caoimhe threw the shot.

Well done to all the young athletes for their sportsmanship, and thanks to their coaches for the training. Bridie Lebdiri and Denise English once again deserve plaudits for their excellent team management, both ahead of the fixture and on the day. The final U13/U15 YDL fixture is at Hemel Hempstead on Saturday 18th July, and it would be good to have a full turnout.
ESM results summary

U15 Boys

100m: A: 2 Daniel O’Sullivan 12.1; B: 4 Mattia Cilurzo 12.7; 200m: A: 2 Daniel O’Sullivan 24.5; B: 5 Kai English 31.1; 300m: A: 1 Lucas Sheehan 38.7; B: 1 Jonathan Martin 44.0; 800m: A: 4 Ilyes Iman 2.27.3; B: 4 Sudeys Hersi 2.35.5; 1500m: A: 5 Patrick Owen 5.04.5; B: 5 Kane Foster 5.06.4; 80mH: A: 2 Mattia Cilurzo 12.4; DT: A: 2 Kai English 21.94; 3 Tommy Degge 15.31; HT: A: 1 Lucas Sheehan 26.82; JT: A: 3 Tommy Degge 30.95; B: 2 Jonathan Martin 30.25; SP: A: 3 Jonathan Martin 8.32; B: 3 Tommy Degge 6.09; LJ: A: 1 Mattia Cilurzo 5.49; B: 1 Daniel O’Sullivan 5.17; HJ: A: Lucas Sheehan 1.59; B: 1 Kane Foster 1.50; PV: A: ; 4x100m: 4 (Mattia Cilurzo; Kai English; Kane Foster; Daniel O’Sullivan) 55.4; 4x300m: 2 (Jonathan Martin; Ilyes Iman; Patrick Owen; Lucas Sheehan) 3.02.2

U13 Boys

100m: A: 1 Jeff Hagan 13.3; B: 1 Blesk Ekpenyong 14.1; 200m: A: 3 Noble Sule 28.7; B: 3 Shae Lindo-Lee 30.7; 800m: A: 3 Mahiis Hersi 2.41.9; B: 1 Marcus West 2.37.7; 1500m: A: 5 Talvin McClunie 5.25.7; B: 2 Dylan Rice 5.26.4; 75mH: A: 5 Noble Sule 16.1; B: 2 Kyriese Willis-Thomas 15.9; JT: A: 6 Rhisiart Francois 12.72; B: ; SP: A: 1 Jeff Hagan 7.68; B: 1 Shae Lindo-Lee 6.55; LJ: A: 1 Jeff Hagan 4.87 1 Blesk Ekpenyong 3.86; HJ: A: ; 4x100m: 3 (Kyriece Willis-Thomas; Noble Sule; Shae Lindo-Lee; Jeff Hagan) 57.9

U15 Girls

100m: A: 2 Lottie Horton 13.1; B: 2 Tia Williamson 14.1; 200m: A: 2 Lottie Horton 27.8; B: 3 Tia Williamson 29.3; 300m: A: 4 Lucy O’Brien 47.3; B: 2 Cameron Thomas 46.3; 800m: A: 2 Lucy O’Brien 2.27.6; B: 2 Cameron Thomas 2.33.7; 1500m: A: 4 Anisa Ibrahim 5.47.6; B: 4 Sarah Freegard 6.26.2; 75mH: A: 4 Ines Maret 15.4; DT: A: 3 Sherice Noel-Allen 11.83; HT: A: 1 Demi Beavis 25.65; B: 1 Sherice Noel-Allen 17.36; JT: A: 4 Demi Beavis 12.47; SP: A: 3 Tia Williamson 7.35; B: 3 Sherice Noel-Allen 5.67; LJ: A: 6 Ines Maret 3.80; B: 6 Anisa Ibrahim 3.06; HJ: A: 5 Ines Maret 1.25; 4x100m: 1 (Lucy O’Brien; Tia Williamson; Cameron Thomas; Lottie Horton) 54.3; 4x300m: 2 (Cameron Thomas; Lucy O’Brien; Demi Beavis; Sarah Freegard) 3.14.3

U13 Girls

75m: A: 7 Mia Rubén 11.8; 150m: A: 7 Fatima Hussein 27.2; B: 7 Caoimhe O’Brien 27.9; JT: A: 7 Fatima Hussein 4.94; SP: A: 7 Caoimhe O’Brien 2.62; LJ: A: 7 Mia Rubén 3.25

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