YDL Lower – Twickenham – Sat 02 May 2015

Our U13/U15 squad finished sixth in their first Youth Development League match of the season last Saturday at Twickenham. There were plenty of enthusiastic new faces in the 30-strong squad, especially Under 13s, for most of whom this was a first experience of track and field competition.

For the U15 Boys, debutant Mattia Cilurzo proved a great points-scorer, starting with a win in the long jump, and second place in the A races of both the 80m hurdles and the 100m. He was only pipped to the post by one-tenth of a second in the hurdles, and went on to anchor the sprint relay team. Kai English also got the team off to a great start by winning the discus B string. He concluded his efforts in the field with a fourth in the shot putt A string. On the track, he ran a personal best in the 100m and led the team off in the sprint relay. Jonathan Martin was impressive in the field, producing the best javelin throw of the day and the second best discus throw.

In the U13 Boys events, newcomer Jeff Hagan showed great promise by finishing second in the 100m, third in the 200m, and anchoring the team to win an exciting sprint relay. Kyriese Willis-Thomas also showed promise in the sprints, forming part of that winning relay team and running the 100m B race. Noble Sule produced a competitive time to win the 200m B race before also running a leg in the relay. Mikey Kouwiloyan was the fourth member of the relay team. After feeling disappointed with his 1500m debut, he bounced back to run a great bend on the third leg. Valuable points were gained also by Louis Clow’s resounding victory in the 75m hurdles. Over the longer distances, 10 year old Dylan Rice impressed with his time in the 1500m.

For the U15 girls, Lucy O’Brien and Cameron Thomas both finished second in the 800m, with a PB in each case. Cameron also achieved a PB in the 300m. The team covered the track events well, with the pairing of Lottie Horton and Tia Williamson in the 100m and 200m. Lottie, Tia, Lucy and Cameron stormed round the sprint relay, leaving daylight between themselves and the chasing team. Elsa Stocking only lost the high jump on count-back but had the consolation of a personal best.

The U13 Girls’ team of Isobel Adar, Camilla Carrozza, Eline Maret and Kiara Wilson worked hard to fill as many events as possible, but the squad needs more than four athletes if they are to feature in the League.

Thanks are due to new Team Captains Bridie Lebdiri and Denise English for their sterling efforts in recruiting the teams and managing them on the day. Well done to all the coaches for preparing the youngsters so well, and a big round of applause to the athletes themselves for their hard work and sportsmanship.

ESM results summary

U15 Boys

100m: A: 2 Mattia Cilurzo 12.7; B: 4 Kai English 14.5; 300m: A: 5 Kirk Lebdiri 45.7; 800m: A: 6 Jonathan Martin 2.27.2; B: 5 Kirk Lebdiri 2.57.9; 1500m: A: 3 Patrick Owen 4.52.9; B: 2 Ilyes Iman 5.04.6; 80mH A: 2 Mattia Cilurzo 12.6; DT: A: 2 Jonathan Martin 19.43; B: 1 Kai English 18.78; JT: A: 1 Jonathan Martin 26.18; SP: A: 4 Kai English 6.73; LJ: A: 1 Mattia Cilurzo 5.41; 4x100m: 4 Kai English, Patrick Owen, Kai John-Charles, Mattia Cilurzo 54.1; 4x300m: 5 Patrick Owen, Kirk Lebdiri, Jonathan Martin, Ilyes Iman 3.21.8

U13 Boys

100m: A: 2 Jeff Hagan 13.7; B: 4 Kyriese Willis-Thomas 15.2; 200m: A: 3 Jeff Hagan 29.4; B: 1 Noble Sule 29.7; 800m: A: 3 Milo Choudhry 2.33.6; B: 3 Mahiis Hersi 2.54.1; 1500m: A: 5 Dylan Rice 5.19.0; B: 5 Mikey Kouwiloyan 6.31.5; 75mH: A: 1 Louis Clow 13.6; JT: A: 4 Rhisiart Francois 14.31; SP: A: 3 Mikey Kouwiloyan 4.48; LJ: A: 4 Noble Sule 3.67; B: 2 Kyriese Willis-Thomas 3.44; HJ: A: 5 Rhisiart Francois 1.15; 4x100m: 1 Mikey Kouwiloyan, Noble Sule, Kyriese Willis-Thomas, Jeff Hagan 57.7

U15 Girls

100m: A: 3 Lottie Horton 13.5; B: 6 Tia Williamson 15.0; 200m: A: 3 Lottie Horton 29.3; B: 2 Tia Williamson 30.9; 300m: A: 3 Cameron Thomas 47.6; B: 5 Maryam Hussain 49.7; 800m: A: 2 Lucy O’Brien 2.29.0; B: 2 Cameron Thomas 2.36.3; 1500m: A: 7 Anisa Ibrahim 5.55.2; B: 4 Leah Kelly 6.18.2; 70mH: A: 7 Eline Maret 16.5; DT: A: 5 Leah Kelly 12.48; SP: A: 3 Tia Williamson 7.18; B: 7 Maryam Hussain 5.10; LJ: A: 6 Sarah Freegard 3.48; HJ: A: 2 Elsa Stocking 1.35; 4x100m: 1 Lottie Horton, Tia Williamson, Cameron Thomas, Lucy O’Brien 55.3; 4x300m: 3 Cameron Thomas, Maryam Hussain, Anisa Ibrahim, Lucy O’Brien 3.19.1

U13 Girls

75m: A: 7 Kiara Wilson 13.6; 150m: A: 6 Kiara Wilson 25.6; B: 6 Camilla Carrozza 30.2; JT: A: 6 Eline Maret 8.66; B: 5 Camilla Carrozza 6.14; SP: A: 6 Camilla Carrozza 4.33; B: 6 Isobel Adar3.99; LJ: A: 6 Eline Maret 2.80

Full results here