Yacht Handicap – Pitshanger Park – Mon 04 Sept 2017

As John (our resident handicapper) always says: the only sure thing about the handicaps is that they will be proved wrong. It’s true that he fell slightly short of the intended aim – a blanket finish – but there was yet again shameless heckling on the start line last night… we won’t embarrass the culprits by naming and shaming.

Less vocal were our winners Janice Newman and Kevin Falvey, who saved their breath for the race. Janice has won the women’s trophy at least twice before (2012 & 2009), so well done to her, and thanks to her guide this year, Steve Norris from TVH. Janice was over a minute quicker than last year, so please share your secret of eternal youth, Janice.

Kevin was first finisher last year but wasn’t a club member at that stage. He ran two minutes quicker this year, so it seems fitting that he’ll get his name engraved on that trophy.

This year’s first finisher was guest Will Hargreaves. Will he be like Kevin and come back as a club member next year? We certainly hope so.

This event isn’t all about the fastest runners, but it’s only fair to point out that Nick Steel was the quickest man, followed by Mark Kencroft and Rob Brown. Olivia Howes Smith was our fastest female, followed by Carol Jones and Patricia Thomas.

None of of these events would happen without the volunteers, so thanks to John Falvey and Breege Leane on timing, Lynn Wilson and Fiona Kennedy on recording, Alison Turrell, Armen Kanikanian, Bob Stanbrook, Gerard Donnelly, Katie di Paolo and Sarah Harris on marshal duties, Dorothy Johnstone on dog-sitting, and Claire King on cheerleading. Apologies if I’ve left anyone out!

With intermittent showers the order of the day at present, we were lucky to get by with a dry evening – weather-wise at any rate – and all nicely rounded off with a visit to the Duke of Kent, in time-honoured tradition.

Full results here: Yacht Handicap results 2017