Veterans League – Battersea Track – Mon 14 May 2012

Serpentine hosted the 1st SCVAC meeting of the summer at the Battersea Track in Battersea Park, writes Steve Treanor.

There were 2 wins, one each for Patricia Thomas and Angelo John.

In the ladies’ team, Pat came 1st in the High Jump, 2nd in the 1500m and 3rd in the 400m. Nikki Baker competed in the u35 B’ string coming 2nd in the 400m and 4th in the 100m. Tracey Gould completed the u35w trio with 3rd in Shot putt and discus (which was a closely fought match for the top 3). Carol Jones finished 2nd in the 1500m and 3rd in the 400m while Gillian Morgan finished 2nd in the 1500m and 4th in the long jump. Jane Harris came 3rd in the Shot putt, and 4th in 100m and High jump. The ladies team also came 3rd in the 4 x 400m relay.

In the slightly smaller (in number) men’s team, even though swollen by the addition of 2 new comers, Tim Hannah & Steve Treanor. Angelo John came 1st in the 1500m, 3rd in High jump and 4th in 100m and 400m. Bob Stanbrook came 3rd in the Long jump (u60m) and Shot putt and 4th in the 100m . Tim came 5th in the 100m (u50), 400m and Long jump whilst Steve managed only 2 events coming 4th in the Long jump (m35) and 5th in the discus (m50) having worked out how to avoid falling out of the circle the wrong way. Also, I realised too late, that it is possible to compete in 2 or 3 events at the same time.

Results from match 1 (women)

 Serpentine  129
 Herne Hill Harriers  86
 Hillingdon  85
 Ealing, Southall & Middx  79
 Metros  35
 St Mary’s Richmond  12

Results from match 1 (men)

 Herne Hill Harriers  122.5
 Hillingdon  109.5
 Serpentine  107.5
 St Mary’s Richmond  47
 Ealing, Southall & Middx  37
 Metros  16.5