Track & field award winners 2017

Kamau Muhammad

Last Friday saw our track & field athletes receive awards for their efforts in the 2017 season, and the winners are listed below. If you have won an award but weren’t able to attend the presentation, please collect them at the track when you next attend training. Congratulations to all.

Thanks to all the coaches and team managers for their hard work in preparing the athletes, to Tim Hannah for organising the trophies, to Patricia Thomas for helping him to announce the winners, to Fiona Kennedy for presenting the awards, and to Roisin Lynch for taking the photos. There are plenty more photos on the Facebook page.





Narissa Wright

U11 Girls Track

Gold             Kara Larkman

Silver           Isabela Dussaillant Di Cesare

Silver =        Narissa Wright

Bronze          Lucila Dussaillant Di Cesare

U11 Girls Field

Gold             Isabela Dussaillant Di Cesare

Silver           Lucila Dussaillant Di Cesare

Bronze          Narissa Wright

U11 Boys Track

Gold             Nathaniel Wright = Alec Edgar

Silver           Nethera Perera

Bronze          Thuran Lienu

U11 Boys Field

Gold             Dario Botillo

Silver           Alec Edgar

Bronze          Nathaniel Wright

Katharine Boissiere

U13 Girls Track

Gold             Lucy Henson

Silver           Chimira Matthews

Bronze          Katharine Boissiere

U13 Girls Field

Gold             Shenali Perera

Silver           Nynke Rumley

Bronze          Katharine Boissiere

U13 Boys Track

Gold             Daniel O’Brien

Silver           Zack Clarke-Green

Tyler Offiah

Bronze          Tyler Offiah

U13 Boys Field

Gold             Ellis Kahan-Noel

Silver           Theo Jarrett

Bronze          Joseph Flitter

Under 15 Girls Track

Gold             Estelle Belgrave

Silver           Maya Faulkner

Bronze          Lauren Beale

Under 15 Girls Field

Gold             Maya Faulkner

Silver           Kiara Wilson

Bronze          Ciera Pembroke-Pullen = Lauren Beale

Under 15 Boys Track

Gold             Tristan Collins-Marsh

Silver           Kai Francis

Bronze          Louis Clow

Under 15 Boys Field

Gold             Yiannis Katsos

Silver           Andrew Woodward

Bronze          Kai Francis

Feia Starkey

Under 17 Women Track

Gold             Feia Starkey

Silver           Olamide Belewu

Bronze          Lucy O’Brien

Under 17 Women Field

Gold             Sjanneke Rumley

Silver           Chloe Mowatt

Bronze          Feia Starkey

Under 17 Boys Track

Gold             Louis Rodericks

Silver           Ilyes Iman

Bronze          Sudeys Hersi

Kai English

Under 17 Boys Field

Gold             Kai English

Silver           Jonathan Martin

Bronze          Ilyes Iman

Under 20    Women Track

Gold             Laura Stewart

Silver           Nicola Ravenhill

Bronze          Amber Henry

Under 20 Women Field

Gold             Isha Habib

Silver           Zoya Styles

Bronze          Roisin Lynch

Under 20 Men Track

Gold             Kamau Muhammad

Silver           Oliver Way

Bronze          Tom Sanders

Under 20 Men Field

Gold             Kamau Muhammad

Silver           Luke Miller

Bronze          Luke Adar

Luke Miller

Special Awards

Women’s Training Award    Olamide Belewu

Michael Kingdom Award     Luke Miller

Petchey Award                  Kamau Muhammad

Senior Men Track

Gold             Jamie Taylor-Caldwell

Senior Men Field

Gold             Martin Densley

Senior Women Track

Gold             Laura Stewart

Silver           Nicola Ravenhill

Bronze          Amber Henry

Senior Women Field

Gold             Zoya Styles

Silver           Debbie McCaw

Bronze          Helen Leadbetter = Isha Habib