Stan Harry’s Burial – Tue 02 Jun 2020

One last picture with Stan and his coaching group

Stan Harry was a sprint coach with Ealing Southall and Middlesex for over 15 years. He had coached and mentored many young athletes who had later gone on to compete nationally. Stan regularly attended the track many times a week and was committed to bringing out the best in all those he coached. Stan has been laid to rest at Greenford Park Cemetery.

Stan, thank you for being the definition of a selfless man. Your life exemplified how far passion and love can carry you. You taught us self-discipline, perseverance, to be kind to ourselves but also to give life absolutely everything we have. You gave us the tools to face our fears, each lesson laced with love and patience. Your legacy will live on as it has helped shape the people, we are today. You will forever be a hero to your track family.

Some of Stan’s achievements:

  • Coached athletes to reach English Schools, Middlesex county and National levels. 
  • Coached an athlete in the 1980s who was at the time the fastest British female sprinter of the time.
  • Was known to coach his athletes when the track was covered in snow and even once led a training session on the Perivale train station ramp when Perivale track was closed.
  • Coached athletes at horsenden hill in which his athletes had to run 150m up a hill 10x. 
  • Above all, he watched his athletes grow from young people to mature, strong minded athletes. His athletes stayed with him even when they reached motherhood because of the impact Stan had on their lives. 
  • Stan would often attend hospital appointments with his athletes and speak with doctors when his athletes were injured. 

Stan’s partner in crime was Nigel Small whom had known one another for over 15 years. Together, they both created a strong sprint and jump group who went on to compete nationally and covered most events during club matches just to make sure we stayed in our league.