Southern Athletics League – Perivale – Sat 01 Sep 2012

All round a fairly good performance, with ESM coming out second on the day.

The stars of the day were Shereen Charles in 100m and 200m, Kristine Busa in Shot Putt,
and for the men Michael Obiri-Darko in 100m, Kema Egbunike in 200m, Ben Waterman in 800m, Szymon Swigon in 110mH, Matthew Clampin in High Jump, Nigel Bourne in Long Jump, Kai Jones in Shot Putt and the men’s 4x100m team.


Shereen Charles (SW): was first in 100m ‘A’ 12.2 and first in 200m ‘A’ 24.7.
Nadia Mills (U20): was second in 100m ‘B’ 13.1.
Eldika Edwards (U17): was second in 200m ‘B’ 27.5 and joint first non scorer in the 100m 13.0.
Kamile Bykovaite (U17) was second non scorer in 200m 28.6 and fifth non scorer in 100m 13.9.
Shim Amin (SW): third in 400m ‘A’ 72.0, second in 100mH ‘A’ 22.0, second 400mH ‘A’ 79.3, fourth in Triple Jump ‘B’ 6.04.
Patricia Thomas (W45): second in 400m ‘B’ 73.2, fourth 800m ‘A’ 2:45.8.
Carol Jones (W55): fourth in 1500m ‘A’ 6:01.5.
Helen Leadbetter (SW): third in High Jump ‘A’ 1.40, second in Pole Vault ‘A’ 2.40, first in Long Jump ‘B’ 4.96, second in Triple Jump ‘A’ 9.05.
Emma Gayler (SW): second in Long Jump ‘A’ 5.19, third in Javelin ‘B’ 16.34.
Kristine Busa (SW): first in Shot Putt ‘A’ 10.58.
Grazina Narviliene (W35): first in Shot Putt ‘B’ 7.88, second in Discus ‘A’ 18.42, third in Hammer ‘B’ 14.95, third in Javelin ‘A’ 24.26
Tracey Gould (W35): second in Discus ‘B’ 17.28, second in Hammer ‘A’ 20.82.

The women’s 4x100m team came second in 50.9 but we had no entry for the 4x400m.


Michael Obiri-Darko (U23): first 100m ‘A’ 11.2.
Sean Buckeridge (SM): first 100m ‘B’ 11.3, first in 200m ‘B’ 23.2.
Kema Egbunike (U20): first in 200m ‘A’ 22.9, first non scorer in 100m 11.7.
Ben Waterman (U20) fourth in 400m ‘A’ 64.0, first in 800m ‘A’ 1:59.8.
Martin Shelley (U23): fourth in 400m ‘B’ 58.1.
Will Pinder (U20): first in 800m ‘B’ 2:03.4.
James Taylor-Caldwell (U23): second 1500m ‘A’ 4:09.0.
Angelo John (M40): second in 1500m ‘B’ 4:27.1, fourth in Javelin ‘A’ 31.59.
Steve Elson (SM): third in 5000m ‘A’ 16:45.8.
Rob Brown (M45): third in 5000m ‘B’ 18:34.3, second in 2000m SC ‘B’ 7:58.6.
Szymon Swigon (U20): first in 110mH ‘A’ 17.8, second in 400mH ‘A’ 67.9, fourth in Discus ‘A’ 17.83.
Samson Baah (SM): first in 110mh ‘B’ 20.9, second in 400mH ‘B’ 75.8, first in Triple Jump ‘B’ 10.10.
Phil York (M50): second in 2000m SC ‘A’ 7:12.9.
Matthew Clampin (U23): first in High Jump ‘A’ 1.75, first in Long Jump ‘B’ 5.89.
Bob Densley (M60) second in Pole Vault ‘A’ 1.20, fourth in Discus ‘B’ 14.90, third in Hammer ‘B’ 15.54, fourth in Javelin ‘B’ 18.33.
Nigel Bourne (M40): first in Long Jump ‘A’ 6.49, second in Triple Jump ‘A’ 12.04.
Kai Jones (U17): first in Shot Putt ‘A’ 13.41.
Lukasz Barzyk (SM): first in Shot Putt ‘B’ 10.39.
Rafal Morawski (U17): second in Hammer ‘A’ 51.04.

The men’s 4x100m team came first in 46.2 while the 4x400m team came second in 3:45.0.

Our team finished second today.

Team Score
1 Wycombe Phoenix 218
2 Ealing, Southall & Middx 179
3 Belgrave 144
4 Barnet & District 116

For our overall league position see here. Results in ThePowerOf10 here.