SEAA Road Relays YA & SW – Aldershot – Sat 22 Sep 2012

We managed to field a full boys’ team in each age group and also the senior women, along with two full teams in the under 15 girls. Our best performance came from the under 15 boys and best individual performance to Caterina Granz.

U13G: We had only 2 runners (incomplete team) with Roisin Lynch and Cameron Thomas. There were 60 complete teams in this age group.

U15G: An ESM team comprising Courtney Marshall, Besirat Tesfu and Anna Maude finished in 38:55, 60th out of 73 full teams. Our ‘B’ team  Martha Hayward, Millie Atherton and Abigail Brown finished in 71st.

U17W: We had no ESM runners.

U13B: An ESM team with Marcus Brown, George Kerry, Freddie Scarborough and Maateo Vao finished in 48:06, a respectable 27th. Luke Adar also completed individually finishing in 14:12.

U15B: A stronger team comprising Mukhtar Farah, Aaron Spink, Reece Farren and Bradley Pinder completed in 43:01, in 16th out of 43 full teams. We also had an incomplete team with Conor McCarthy and Karolis Narvilas completing in 25:47. Mukhtar also recorded the eighth fastest time in his age group.

U17M: A team comprising Duncan Pinder, Sam McGonigle,  Malik Ouzia and Sam Shindler-Glass completed the line up finishing in 52:15, 18th out of 44 full teams.

SW: Our senior ladies team (Caterina Granz, Fiona Kennedy, Nicola Shelley and Carol Jones) finished in 01:01:42, 28th out of 50 teams. Caterina also ran the seventh fastest lap in 13:12.

External results here. Results in ThePowerOf10 for U13WU17W/U15M/U15W/U13M and SW/U17M.