Northala Fields parkrun fundraiser – The Hungry Yeti – Sun 06 Apr 2014

It was a sell-out evening at The Hungry Yeti last night! With 105 tickets sold and only 100 places, we thought we might have to join Musical Chairs to the evening’s entertainment. (We have to thank the few who didn’t make it, thus sparing Fiona the potential embarrassment). There was a great atmosphere, so thanks to everyone who took part.

The winning quiz team comprised Darren Halford, Steve Barrington, Ian McNally and Andy Leung, who also took the opportunity to make a political point by going under the name “Ealing AC”.

 The good news is I think we raised nearly £900. (I need our trusty Treasurer to cast an eye over my sums before I confirm, as money came in from lots of different sources, some as cash, some as cheques and some paid directly into ESM’s account). Together with funds allocated from the local ward budget, we now have enough to get our parkrun started – with a bit to spare.

There are so many people to thank, one feels an Oscar speech coming on. OK, maybe not such a good idea. But a big pat on the back to:

Everyone who bought a ticket

All who donated money even though they couldn’t come

Prince Evans for their donation

Club members who donated raffle prizes

Local businesses who donated raffle prizes: Everyone Active, The Body Factory, Laura Turner and The Hungry Yeti

Santosh Rai for organising the special package with the restaurant

Members of the Nepalese community in Northolt who supported the event

Ian Capon for compering the evening with his usual wit and tireless good humour

Gary for compiling the quiz

The restaurant management and staff for their helpful and friendly service

We’ll announce a launch date for our parkrun as soon as we can, but we need to complete a few more steps first. This includes getting the course measurement validated, and training the core volunteer team in the mysteries of barcode scanning and timing. We’ll probably also want to run a closed test event before going public. If you’ll be able to volunteer, even if occasionally, please consider volunteering at other local parkruns in the meantime, to get some experience. ESM favourites include Gunnersbury, Gladstone Park, Black Park and Osterley Park.