Middlesex Young Athletes’ League – Parliament Hill – Sun 18 Jun 2017

We ended the day with a whopping 860.5 points, to finish second ahead of some very well known and successful clubs. This is our best performance to date, writes Bridie Lebdiri.

Each and every one of our young athletes who competed on Sunday should be commended for the manner in which they coped, in what was a blazing hot day. They were a credit to our club.

On such a warm day, the health and welfare of our athletes was the utmost priority. Just competing in one event left each athlete drained but every one of them came back to the tent to rest, rehydrate and go on to compete again. Young Alec Edgar even went for a swim with Dad, to cool off before coming back for the relay.

We were very fortunate to have had so many parents on hand to keep an eye on the young athletes.

They coped quite well, although the 1500m was especially difficult. Mahiis Hersi showed fighting spirit by finishing the race, despite being exhausted and showing signs of dehydration. After some rest and intake of fluid and food, he recovered well.

The finds of the day had to be siblings Nethara and Shenali Kurange. They have only been training with us for a month or so and this was their first competition. Nethara (pictured) won the B string of the U11 boys’ 75m, in a time which would have placed him third in the A string. The look on his face when Denise told him he won was priceless!  Shenali competed in her very first high jump competition and won the U15 girls’ A string.

Our other winners were:

U13B: Tyler Offiah 100m B

U15B: Louis Clow 80m hurdles A; Yiannis Katsos long jump A; Miles Bernadine long jump B; Andrew Woodward shot putt A; Mikey Kouwiloyan shot putt B

U17M: Kai English high jump A & discus A; Kirk Lebdiri discus B

A special mention is due to 14 year old Kai English for jumping a PB of 1.70m in the high jump, having already turned out for the senior team the previous day! Both Kai and Kirk were quite pleased with themselves, on hearing their names called out over the tannoy, after winning the discus.

Kara Larkman and Narissa Wright both competed for the first time in the U11 girls’ age group. Our four young U11s, who are aged between 8 and 9 did very well to get the baton around in the 4x100m to finish in third place. Kara also ran a pleasing 800m, in what was a fast race for that age group.

Alistair Larkman, brother of Kara, did well in his first competition, placing third in the B string of the U13 boys’ long jump and also competing in the non-scoring 1500m.

Josie May-Borelly also competed for the first time and was a valuable addition to the U13 girls’ 4x100m relay, where they finished third.

U13 Noah Stewart made his debut in the non-scoring 100m, which he won; a bright prospect.

Despite the heat we had five boys in the non-scoring U13 1500m. This was in addition to Najiib and Mohamed who did very well in the scoring event. Our non scorers packed well and all finished with very respectable time. The future of middle distance is bright.

Run, Jump & Throw… Our athletes certainly did this. The photo left shows Maya Faulkner and the one at the top of the report is of Ellis Kehan-Noel. The MYAL is proving a huge success at getting our athletes to try different events at a young age, for example:

  • Nicole Bartlett, successful over the cross country, found herself enjoying the javelin, having already competed in the 100m.
  • Katherine Boissiere mixed the 70m hurdles with the 800m.
  • Alec Edgar mixed the turbo javelin with 800m.
  • Kirk Lebdiri also tried javelin for the first time.

Thank you and well done to all our athletes and coaches. A special word of thanks to the officials, who worked tirelessly in the searing heat. We’re also grateful to those who contributed the photos on our Facebook page, and especially to Charlotte Kennedy who produced a wonderful album including those featured above – click here to access. (To download Charlotte’s photos, use the password ESM_2017).

Match scores

1 Highgate 933.5, 2 ESM 860.5, 3 London Heathside 723, 4 Shaftesbury Barnet 614, 5 Cookham 501,6  Barnet & District 478, 7 Trent Park 378,
8 Queens Park 218, 9 Enfield & Haringey 194

ESM results summary


U17: 100m: A: 2 Bethan Yates 13.28; 800m: A: 3 Emily Nicolson-Stanwix 2:34.22; LJ: A: 2 Emily Nicolson-Stanwix 4.61; SP: A: 3 Bethan Yates 7.43

U15: 100m: A: 3 Estelle Belgrave 13.71; B: 2 Maya Faulkner 13.31; 75mH: A: 4 Estelle Belgrave 13.26; HJ: A: 1 Shenali Kurange 1.35; LJ: A: 2 Maya Faulkner 4.06; B: 3 Shenali Kurange 3.54; SP: A: 5 Aaliyah Thomas-Opoku 5.88; B: 3 Shenali Kurange 4.74; 4x100m: 2 ESM 55.85

U13: 100m: A: 3 Lucy Henson 15.02; B: 5 Nicole Bartlett 15.5; NS: 2 Shenali Kurange 14.84; NS: 3 Josie-May Borelly 15.16; NS: 2 Nynke Rumley 15.28; NS: 6 Ashana McClunie 16.54; NS: 7 Anna Dussaillant Di Cesare 16.73; 800m: A: 3 Lucy Henson 2:46.17; B: 7 Katherine Boissiere 3:23.74; 70mH: A: 6 Katherine Boissiere 17.12; LJ: A: 2 Nynke Rumley 3.80; B: 5 Ashana McClunie 3.12; NS: 5= Anna Dussaillant Di Cesare 3.18; SP: A: 2 Nynke Rumley 6.51; B: 4 Josie-May Borelly 4; JT: A: 4 Nicole Bartlett 13.57; B: 2 Nynke Rumley 9.25; 4x100m: 3 ESM 59.4

U11: 75m: A: 7 Kara Larkman 12.97; B: 6 Isabela Dussaillant Di Cesare 16.11; NS: 5 Lucila Dussaillant Di Cesare 17.03; 800m: A: 6 Kara Larkman 3:00.21; LJ: A: 5 Kara Larkman 2.75; B: 5 Lucila Dussaillant Di Cesare 1.70; 4x100m: 3 ESM 84.17


U17: 200m: A: 3 Kai English 24.78; HJ: A: 1 Kai English 1.7; DT: A: 1 Kai English 31.03; B: 1 Kirk Lebdiri 18.72; JT: A: 2 Kirk Lebdiri 19.98

U15: 100m: A: 2 Tristan Collins 11.91; B: 2 Miles Bernadine 12.61; 200m: A: 2 Tristan Collins 24.22; B: 2 Yiannis Katsos 25.59; NS: 3 Miles Bernadine 26.62; 1500m: A: 3 Arun Manget 4:55.06; B: 2 Mahiis Hersi 5:03.86; 80mH: A: 1 Louis Clow 12.55; HJ: A: 3 Yiannis Katsos 1.25; B: 2 Kyriese Willis-Thomas 1.25; LJ: A: 1 Yiannis Katsos 5.24; B: 1 Miles Bernadine 4.21; SP: A: 1 Andrew Woodward 11.26; B: 1 Mikey Kouwiloyan 6.09; DT: A: 2 Andrew Woodward 27.89; 4x100m: 2 ESM 50.74

U13: 100m: A: 2 Daniel O’Brien 14.26; B: 1 Tyler Offiah 14.18; NS: 2 Noah Stewart 14.54; NS: 3 Theo Jarrett 14.58; NS: 6 George Niarchos 16.70; 1500m: A: 2 Najiib Hersi 5:03.4; B: 3 Mohamed Ibrahim 5:40.6; NS: 5 Maxi Steel 5:32.97; NS: 7 George Simpson 5:36.27; NS: 8 Arun Smith 5:36.52; NS: 9 Alistair Larkam 5:37.02; NS: 10 Jonah Mezey 5:37.50; 75mH: A: 2 Daniel O’Brien 15.86; LJ: A: 3 Arun Smith 3.67; B: 3 Alistair Larkam 3.40; NS: 1 Noah Stewart 3.84; NS: 3 George Niarchos 3.02; SP: A: 2 Ellis Kehan-Noel 5.69; B: 3 Eden Lyons 3.69; JT: A: 3 Ellis Kehan-Noel 17.15; B: 3 Eden Lyons 12.56; 4x100m: 2 ESM 59.05

U11: 75m: A: 4 Nathaniel Wright 12.12; B: 1 Nethara Kurange 11.53; 75m: NS:1 6 Dario Botillo 13.43; 800m: A: 3 Alec Edgar 2:47.26; LJ: A: 5 Nathaniel Wright 3.12; B: 2 Dario Botillo 3.04; 4x100m: 3 ESM 65.56

Full results on power of 10 [link to follow]