London Youth Games XC – Parliament Hill – Sat 17 Nov 2012

Club members representing the London Borough of Ealing picked up 2 medals, a silver for the U11 girls and bronze for the U13 boys. Overall our teams performed well.

The weather promised us heavy rain in the morning, so the reality of a heavily overcast sky, temperature in the single figures, with occasional drizzle and gust of cold wind was almost welcome. Judging by the mud on the returning competitors, the course was muddy but not deep mud.

Girls U11: The best finishing position goes to Feia Starkey, who finished 3rd, with Lucy O’Brien in 9th closely followed by Rosie Cox in 15th. The team got the silver medal.

Girls U13: Roisin Lynch was our 1st finisher in 47th, with Nicola Ravenhill in 59th and Maryam Hussain 3 seconds later in 62nd. Then Laura Stewart in 69th, Sophia McGowan in 77th, Beatriz Krettels in 108th, Cameron Thomas in 149th, Loula Omaar in 157th, Shiva Basu in 182nd and Leah Kelly in 191st. The team finished 11th.

Girls U15: Anna Maude finished in 73rd, with Anna Szyszko in 85th, Martha Hayward in 90th, then Ellie Benson 99th, Emma Starkey 178th, Abigail Brown 197th, and Beverley Bruce-Mills 204th. The team finished 19th.

Girls U17: Olivia Will was first home in 18th, with her sister Katrina in 30th, then Joanna Vale in 39th, Rosie Bell in 42nd and Emelia Newton-Jones in 51st. The team finished 8th.

Boys U11: Osman Mohamed was our joint best male finisher in 4th, with Isaiah Henry in 21st. The team finished 7th.

Boys U13: John Fielding put in another good performance to finish 11th, with Marcus Browne 17th closely followed by Nicholas Cowley-Andrea in 19th and George Kerry in 27th. Lual Mortat finished in 71st, with Efraim Ngungi in 78th, Freddie Scarborough in 79th, and Maateo Vao in 142nd. The team won the bronze medal.

Boys U15: Mukhtar Farah finished well in 8th, with Aaron Spink not far behind in 16th, then Rashid Riyad in 51st, Joshua Hewson in 77th, Trevor Thompson in 105th and Karolis Narvilas in 139th. The team came a respectable 6th.

Boys U17: Sam Shindler-Glass was first home in 4th (joint best male position), then Sam McGonigle in 24th, Zephon Allen in 51st. Malik Ouzia also started the race, close on the heels of Sam Shindler-Glass but had to pull out half way due to injury. The team finished in 7th.

Other club runners included Josie Elliott (U17) running for the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea who finished 36th, Emily Weedon (U13) running for Hammersmith & Fulham finished in 212th and Emilia Arbouine (U15) running for Hounslow finished in 110th.

Results on London Youth Games website.

Pictures on the LYG Facebook page.

Pictures by Jean King.