End of season PB flurry – Watford – Wed 06 Sep 2017

A group of club members took full advantage of good conditions at the Watford Open Graded Meeting on Wednesday evening. Six of the eight achieved PBs and Phil York clocked a season’s best over 800m. We don’t know the previous form of new member Sebastian Hanson, but he clocked a useful 3000m time too.

ESM results summary

800m: Philip York (M55) 2:29.25, Anisa Ibrahim (U17W) 2:32.8, Mohamed Ibrahim (U13B) 2:36.67
3000m: Sebastian Hanson 8:53.01, George Kerry (U20M) 9:07.24, Chauncey Edwards (U17M) 10:30.37, Nicola Ravenhill (U20W) 10:30.97, Jessica Leane (U20W) 10:52.84

Full results to follow on powerof10