Berlin Marathon – 26th September

(Report by Martin Daoud)

This was my first run at the Berlin Marathon. I arrived on the Friday to nice cool temperature, ideal for running and also the same on the Saturday. It was good to meet up with Jonathan at the start village and taking in the atmosphere. The organisation was good and everything was signed well for the 24,000+ participants.

Jonathan and I had a little warm up and I could tell he was primed and raring to go! We wished each other luck and he went to his start area to the front of the field. I was feeling nervous and excited and couldn’t wait to get started, with  a lot of build up and clapping to Bruce Springsteen music we eventually got underway. By this time the sun was shining and it was getting quite warm. My pacing seemed to be working ok and the crowds and support were amazing, by around the 26k mark I was feeling the effects of the sun and was becoming sluggish, my hydration and nutrition didn’t seem to be helping too much and the last 10k I was just trying to hang on to get to the finish. Seeing the Brandenburg Gate was a sight for sore eyes (and legs) and I managed a last attempt to finish strongly and guess I should be pleased to get under 3.30. The Erdinger non-alcoholic beer went down well at the end and I think I would definitely like to do this one again.

Myself and Jonathan are doing London next week so it’s all about recovering this week.

Chris Mason          2.25.01

Jonathan Horan    2.46.06

Martin Daoud       3.26.03