Club development – member survey

Dear member

This is your opportunity to have your say on an important aspect of the future of our athletics club. There is a very short survey to complete, but first, please read the Introduction below. You can fill out the survey online  at

Alternatively, please print off the attached form, fill it out and either return it in the survey box at the track club house or post it to Andy Dodd, Flat 61, Dominion House, The Avenue, London, W13 8AE. Please reply by Nov 15th 2013.

As some of you may be aware, over the last few months, the Club Committee has been working on plans to develop the club and move it forward. These plans cover membership retention, attracting new members and providing the required level of support for the club to operate as well as we want it to.

The plans will involve a number of things being put in place, all based upon a new vision and mission for the Club. We want to position ourselves a ‘community club’ for the Borough of Ealing.

In saying this, what we mean is that we are not one of the elite top level clubs, but we still want to be able to compete with them and provide high level competition where appropriate. Equally, we are not a lifestyle club, but we still want to be able to offer something to those people and help them achieve their best. Essentially, we want to be a club that supports the residents of the Borough by providing the right opportunities for any ability (please note this by no way means people from outside the Borough cannot be part of the club, it’s just that’s where our focus will be in terms of the activity we do and our main target audience).

As such, our vision is to become one of the leading community sports clubs in London, and our mission is to be a club that provides a positive environment for people in the Ealing community to achieve their best. We will both provide a competitive framework for people to represent the club and ensure it is enjoyable to be a member. As a club we will make a positive difference to our local community.

This brings us to the purpose of this survey. As part of the club development plans, the Club Committee is proposing to change the club name to simply ‘Ealing AC’. The existing name is a legacy of past club mergers as it is felt it no longer represents what the club is properly. In changing the name, it will more closely tie us in to our borough and the community we serve, and is much simpler, easier to promote and more strongly conveys who we are as a club.

The main club development plans are being worked on at present – if you feel you would like to contribute to this process please let us know by indicating so on the next page. Either way, hopefully you will all see some real progress being made in the coming months. Updating the club name is just part of this process, but it is felt it is something that needs to be done at the start to help provide a springboard and an impetus for the things to come.

It is your club though and so the Committee feels it is important you have a say as to whether we change the club name – please submit your view either online at or using the attached form.

Many thanks

Your Club Committee

Club Survey Form (Word)

Club Survey Form (pdf)