Young Athlete XC Awards 2016-7 – Perivale – Thu 11 May 2017

The young athlete cross country awards for 2016-17 were belatedly handed out at Perivale Track after training last Thursday 11th May.

For the age group awards, points are given for the best five results out of 10 league races (20 points for the first ESM runner, 19 points for the second etc).

The Derek Hebbes awards are for athletes displaying qualities of perseverance: turning up regularly for training and races; always trying their best both in training and in races; being helpful and supportive to all in the team.

Thanks to Tim Hannah and Graham French for working out who the winners were, and getting the awards engraved!


U11 Boys
1st           George Simpson                                  60
2nd          Otto Lawrence                                      39
3rd          Jeremiah Hartford-Charles              19

U11 Girls
1st           Nicole Bartlett                                       40
2nd          Huda Hussein                                        18
3rd          Ashana McClunie                                   9

U13 Boys

1st           Mahiis Hersi                                         100
2nd          Najiib Hersi                                             97
3rd          Finn Combe                                            95

U13 Girls
1st           Lucy Henson                                          80
2nd          Athena Fremantle                               39

U15 Boys
1st           Sudeys Hersi                                        100
2nd          Arun Manget                                         96
3rd          Matteo Lamagna                                  93

U15 Girls
1st           Anisa Ibrahim                                        98
2nd          Lucy O’Brien                                           80
3rd          Fiona Coutts                                           20

U17 Men
1st           George Kerry                                      100
2nd          John Fielding                                          98
3rd          Luke Adar                                                37

U17 Women
1st           Jessica Leanne                                      99
2nd          Roisin Lynch                                           92
3rd          Nicola Ravenhill                                    80

Team award: U15 Boys (pictured above with Club President Fiona Kennedy)

Derek Hebbes awards:
Maryam Hussain (pictured below)
Chauncey Edwards

Nicole (pictured above) was also belatedly awarded her gold medal for winning the U11 girls race at the Middlesex Cross Country Championships in January.